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Lingerie Bridal Shower Present Ideas

Lingerie Bridal Shower Present Ideas

I'm here to talk today about lingerie bridal shower and give you some fun and beautiful gifts to give the bride! The gifts that you  won't be embarrassed to give or gifts that the bride won't feel silly opening!

So, you are invited to a lingerie bridal shower and you aren't sure of what to bring as a gift for the bride. Maybe you know the bride really well, maybe you don't. Maybe it is your future sister-in-law and you are little weirded out by the notion of getting her lingerie! Either way, you are a little bit concerned as to what you should gift the bride and looking for great ideas! After all, there might be mothers and grandmothers at this party!

Here are five ideas for gifts that would be totally appropriate to gift the bride to a lingerie bridal shower party…


Pajamas ::  It is sort of like lingerie! There are so many cute pairs of PJ's out there, like the ones from Nordstrom. Getting the brides pajamas is in keeping with the theme of the party and also gets her something that she will probably wear a lot!


 Photo Credit: Lace trim PJs via Nordstrom


Lingerie :: I know it might seem a little bit obviously to bring a present of lingerie to a lingerie shower. Sometimes it can be a little weird gifting lingerie to someone, especially if they are family or you don't know them very well. In this case, if you really feel the need to get lingerie, go with some lingerie that is simple, yet pretty and not too racey. The more coverage the better in this case! I think these two pictured from BHLDN would be a perfect choice.



 Photo Credit: Rene Chemise; Star Magnolia Chemise both via BHLDN


Wedding Garter :: It isn't because I design 'em! A wedding garter is a great choice for a bridal shower if you are unsure of what to get the bride. It is something unique that probably no one else will think to get the bride, unless they read this post, of course! And, if you know the bride doesn't have a garter yet, even better! It is one less thing on her wedding to-do list. If you are going to gift a garter, I'd recommend going with some neutral, like ivory or maybe something with a touch of blue. This way you are assured she will love it! The classy garter style from my collection is a great choice because it is simple and beautiful.


 Photo Credit: Classy garter style


Spa Basket + Gift Certificate  ::  Fill a basket with lots of fun things that she would never buy for herself like soaps and lotions then add a gift certificate to a spa in her area or use an online service like Spa Finder. Everyone loves a little pampering and the unique gift idea here will be much appreciated!



 Photo Credit: Bath and Body Works


Date Night :: And, last but not least my final idea for a unique gift for a lingerie shower would be a dinner gift certificate that both can enjoy! At bridal showers, people rarely think of the other half and a gift certificate out to dinner or maybe a movie is a nice present for both of them. It is still in keeping with the shower's theme, but it is unique and thoughtful. Plus, if you are friends or family with the groom or the one not at the shower, it is a nice touch! This is definitely a present that you know they will enjoy!


So, there you have it these are my ideas for what to bring to a lingerie bridal shower! What are you ideas for a lingerie shower? What would you bring as a gift?

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