Lingerie Bridal Shower Invites And Garters

Lingerie Bridal Shower Invites And Garters

Did I ever tell you that I made two custom wedding garters for sisters who were getting married on the same day? Yup, well, I did! Today, I'm sharing their invitations from their lingerie bridal shower because, well, the invitations are too amazing not to share! Also, the brides were gifted their custom wedding garters at their lingerie shower from the maid of honor. I should mention that their maid of honor is none other than Maryland-based graphic designer and wedding stationer extraordinaire, Little Bit Heart.

Their lingerie shower invitations were so modern and bold, and I'm sure that guests loved receiving them! The invitations were a watercolor theme blending hot pink tones into deep plum into a rich, dar navy blue. I just love how these shower invitations turned out, especially because when she told me the colors for their wedding that I used to make the garters, it all makes sense! (If you want to see the photos of the two sister garters that I made, you can check it out here on my blog in a custom wedding garter feature.)

In the meantime, thank you to Little Bit Heart for sharing these images of their lingerie bridal shower invitations along with their custom wedding garters…





It was such an honor to make both of these custom wedding garters for both sisters. I loved it even more seeing the garters with their lingerie shower invitations! And, if you are looking for a great gift idea for a lingerie shower, let me such a wedding garter! Thank you so much to Little Bit Heart for this honor and for sharing these images.

For more, check out my custom wedding garter album, or don't forget that you can design your own garter here on my website.