Top Items Brides Often Forget For The Wedding Day

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We've all been there. I can admit it. None of us are perfect and we are all bound to forget something on our to do list! Life gets busy, doesn't it?!

Your wedding is no stranger to the moment we all know too well, "Oh. My. Gosh. I forgot to do X, Y, Z!!!" There is so much that goes into wedding planning that it is only natural you or your partner will forget to order a wedding item, complete something for the ceremony, or forget a decoration need for the wedding reception. It is all OK! You'll tackle it once you remember and your dream wedding will happen without issue!

Recently, I wrote this post about 10 things that every bride forgets on her wedding day! As a follow up to that in today's Garter Girl Loves I'm going in even farther with a few more last minute little things you might forget. I'm helping you stay ahead of the "I can't believe I forgot that!" moment with a list of the top items brides often forget for the wedding day. 

top items brides forget for the wedding day

I spent some quality time searching high and low on Etsy trying to think of all the things a bride or groom may forget on the wedding day. From your bridal accessories to important marriage documents, I'm here to help you remember all of your wedding day needs so your wedding day can be as magical as you dream it! 
Check out my list below and cross these items off your don't forget to do list!

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Did you have a few "Oh, yeah!" moments running through this list? I know I did when I came upon these items on Etsy! Whether you are the bride, groom, or in the wedding party and helping with planning and preparations, be sure not to forget any of the items from above!  
If you need more idea and things to check off of that wedding planning to-do list, you'll want to check out my list of 10 things that every bride forgets to do before her wedding. Between these two post, we totally have you covered and you'll be all set for the big day!
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