How To Save Money On Your Wedding Event Outfits

How To Save Money On Your Wedding Outfit

Planning your wedding day outfit is an important part of planning your wedding. Don't let it break your wedding budget or blow your finances! With my money saving advice and bridal fashion plan, you'll be prepared and stay on budget.

This wedding planning advice post is all about your bridal fashion. It's all encompassing, not just the wedding day. Be sure to consider the wedding celebrations, too, like bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and post wedding brunches.



You know how they say 'confidence is key'? We like to say 'comfort is key'. Being comfortable in your outfit for your wedding day and your wedding celebrations is so important. It will allow you to enjoy these special once in a lifetime moments!

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Best Money Saving Bridal Fashion Advice

There is a lot of hype in the wedding dress, and for good reason. BUT, hopefully our Ultimate Wedding Fashion Timeline will show you that there are many other wedding pieces besides the dress, not to mention lots of other celebrations where you'll want to look amazing. (BTW the way, if you haven't gotten the timeline yet, it's free right here.)

Make a plan for all of it. Not just the wedding dress. A plan saves you time and money. Here are my top wedding planning tips when it comes to saving money on your wedding outfit.

Plan It Out

Feeling your best on your wedding day your other wedding celebrations is a non-negotiable. Rushing or just throwing something on is a recipe for disaster. Take the time to make your bridal fashion plan.

When it comes to your other wedding outfits, it's so much more than the wedding day. And, it is the cumulative effect of all of it and the decision fatigue that will get you stressed out and overwhelmed. Think bridal shower, engagement party, bachelorette party, wedding morning, rehearsal dinner - there are so many other events that you'll want to look and feel your best for besides your wedding day.

The key to a low stress wedding planning is to plan it out! If you need inspiration of what to wear, be sure to check out our post on All The Outfits A Bride Needs.

Write It Out

Yes, write! Write out your bridal fashion plan. Set a wedding fashion budget, and stick to it.

Print the "Bridal Fashion Plan" page of our free Bridal Fashion Timeline. It will give you space to write out everything you need and prompt you so you're sure not to forget anything. This is a free printable for your wedding that will keep you on track and not stress you out. 

Speaking of printables, if you have question, be sure to check out What Is A Wedding Printable?

What is stressful is when you're making decisions on the fly and you aren't really sure what you want to do. This leads to confusion and overwhelm. Use the free planning page in the timeline to make your bridal fashion plan ahead of time so that when the event comes you know what you're wearing and you're focus it on having a good time not that your self conscious about your outfit. 

You Don't HAVE To But New

You heard it, you don't have to buy all new items for your wedding and bridal celebrations. Not buying new outfits if better for your environment, obviously, and it's better for your wallet. You're already spending so much for your wedding, what you'll wear to events like your engagement party or your rehearsal dinner is a great place to not spend anything extra.

Consider what you already have in your closet. I bet you have a cute outfit or two just hiding back there, waiting to be worn again! Your wedding events is a great time to rewear those favorite outfits. The best part of these outfits in your closet is that they are tried and true, you know you feel good in them or else you wouldn't have saved the outfit! So, consider shopping in your closet for your wedding outfits like your bachelorette party or bridal shower.

Consider renting some new to you bridal outfits or accessories for all of your wedding events, like your bridal shower. There are lots of great places to rent clothing, like Rent The Runway. Renting clothing or accessories is great for the environment and it is a great chance for you to take a chance and wear an outfit just once, like for your rehearsal dinner.

Consider shopping second hand or even borrowing from your family or friends. Borrowing is the key when it comes to your wedding outfits for your wedding adjacent events. We know that you might want to do something borrowed for your wedding day, but you can borrow for your engagement party or your going away post wedding brunch too. 

Order Early, Order Early, Order Early

Order early to avoid rush shipping fees. Those fees can really add up last minute when you realize you've forgotten to order something. Shipping costs is an easy way to save a little money with your wedding. 

Last minute production and express shipping adds up. Ordering early helps you avoid these unnecessary shipping fees.

We've said it before and we'll say it again, making a plan and doing things like ordering outfits in advance of the event will leave you stress free and calm. And, it will save you money. Not to mention that things are so crazy with supply chain delays and shipping confusion, so you'll really want to order your wedding related events and make a plan early. 

Try It On

Try on everything in advance. It's a huge waste of money if it doesn't fit and you don't wear it. 

Yes, it's for your special day or your special celebratory moments. But that doesn't mean you can't try it on ahead of time to make sure everything fits.

This also gives you a chance to make sure that everything works together for a cohesive bridal look. Trying on things for fit is one thing, but trying your outfit and accessories together is another to make sure you love the whole look.

Be Open

Almost 90% of my clients say that they ended up with a wedding dress they weren't expecting. The same is true for your wedding events, like your rehearsal dinner and your bridal shower. These events are the perfect excuse to try something new and take a risk that you wouldn't otherwise take in fashion. 

Be open to new things. New styles, new silhouettes, new colors - be open to it all. You never know what you'll fall in love with along the way!


Bridal Fashion Inspiration How To Save Money On Your Wedding Outfit

Photo credit: Kayla Jackson Photo

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