How To Plan For Wedding Day Drama...Before It Happens

How to Deal with Wedding Day Disasters

Today, we’re talking all about wedding day drama, you know those unexpected things that you know will happen on your day. It’s all about the disasters that everyone talks about, but you have no idea what they will be. I’m going to give you two amazing wedding planning tips for how to deal with drama before it happens. If you do these two simple things, you’ll be all set to fully enjoy your wedding and not be distracted with inevitable, but unexpected, wedding day disasters.

We know unexpected things will happen and will throw a wrinkle in your day, but believe it or not, there are things that you can (and should) do to prepare yourself before your wedding day. Things that will minimize the drama and that will keep you enjoying the party and not dealing with the drama.

How To Handle Wedding Day Drama
You know something will go wrong on your wedding day. You just don't know what IT is yet.

It could rain.

Your band could get in a car accident on the way to your cocktail hour. (This happened to me BTW.)

A guest could spill red wine all down the front of your wedding dress.

There could be a once-in-a-million-years hurricane that ruins your outdoor ceremony plans.

I could write this list forever, so many things can (and will!) go wrong on your wedding day. 

I'm going to give you two of my bestest pieces of advice for dealing with wedding drama BEFORE it happens. The key word being before. We know that diasters are going to happen on your wedding day, but you don’t want to have to deal with them at your wedding. You want to be present for your partner and the new life you are starting, you want to enjoy your family and friends, you want to enjoy the party that you worked so hard to plan - it’s better to deal with drama in advance. 

But, how?

Avoiding Wedding Day Disasters
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Here are two simple ways to deal with wedding day disasters before your wedding day:

#1 - Love your back up plan just as much as you love your OG plan.

Call it a back up plan, plan B, second option, rain plan - there are so many names for having a back up plan for your wedding. Whatever you call it, you better have and LOVE your second options for your wedding, especially if any part of your wedding is outside.

(I’m going to use rain here in this example because it is the most likely to happen, but there are lots of disasters that can happen that would force you to use your backup plan on your wedding day.) 

This means that if it rains and you have to move your wedding inside, you better love that indoor space just as much as you love the outdoor space. I’ve seen it a million times, couples don’t love their back up space, they just settle and hope and pray that it won’t rain on their wedding day. Any guess what?? It rains and they are disappointed. They start the most amazing day of their life off on a bad note. 

When you meet with your wedding venue they will give you the options for the back up plan. If they don’t, be sure to ask - what happens if it rains and we can’t use this space?

How to Deal With Wedding Disasters
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Don't roll the dice. Don't take your chances. Don’t look at the almanac or try to predict the weather or just hope and pray for the sun.

If you don't love your rain plan, that's almost a guarantee that it will rain. 

#2 - Work with the most professional vendors you can afford.

Wedding professionals are professionals for a reason. They are full of backup plans and solutions to problems. (See my above tip about loving your back up plan.) Their whole entire job on your wedding day is to deal with drama so that you don’t have to deal with it. 

I know that working with friends and family, or DIY-ing can save money, but a professional works for YOU. You are taking a risk by working with people who don't do these tasks for a living, who don’t have insurance, who don’t have protection and back up plans in place, who don’t have experience dealing with disasters. 

You want to be sure to ask all of your wedding professionals about what happens when disasters happen on your wedding. Ask your photographer about all of the photo backup options that they use. Ask your cake designer what happens when the cake falls over. Ask your band what happens if someone gets into a car accident on the way to your wedding. Ask your rental company about their insurance. Ask all the questions. 

If they are truly professional, they will have great answers and make you feel at ease. They have likely dealt with all the issues before and know exactly how to deal with it. 

Dealing With Wedding Disasters

Photo credit: Morgan Marie Photography

A wedding pro will save the day, that's their job. And, if they are really professional, you probably won't even know about it. Just like I had no idea why there was an acoustic guitarist for the cocktail hour at my wedding because the keyboardist that we hired got into a car accident on the way to my wedding.


If you fail to plan, you'll plan to fail. Too corny!? Either way, the wedding advice remains the same:  If you love your plan A and your plan B, you'll never go wrong on your wedding day! 

To plans A and B!

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