How to Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Special

how to pamper bridesmaids

Today, we are talking all about unique ideas and ways to make your bridesmaids feel special. If you are the bride and looking to go the extra mile for your ladies, then listen up, today’s wedding planning advice post is for you!

how to pamper bridesmaids

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Dreaded “bridezillas” run rampant through popular culture and reality shows! A

big part of making your special day a great experience for everyone, including your bridesmaids, is to cast off the mentality of the “bridezilla.” That doesn't mean you need to be perfectly calm, cool, and collected every moment of every day. Instead, take the time to show your most special friends how much you appreciate them (before asking them to forgive you for the huge tantrum you throw in the dress shop).

Even the simplest actions can help show your special ladies your appreciation for all the help they offer for your big day. Try one or two of the suggestions below for how to make your bridesmaids feel special, and you and your friends will look back on your wedding with fond memories and nothing but love for you!

Proposals Are For Everyone!

Imagine the excitement you felt during your marriage proposal. Give your bridesmaids that same kind of attention by asking them to be there on your big day in a special way. Try writing handwritten notes, or have handpicked goodie baskets delivered to their homes.

Ask For Their Opinions

Although Jane from the film27 Dresses seems to take ugly bridesmaids dresses in stride, your own bridesmaids shouldn't have to be so forgiving. Let them be there with you and for you during big decisions, especially when it comes to dress wedding dress shopping.

Your friends will help lend an ear to your concerns, and be thankful that you want their opinion. There are so manyoptions out there when planning your wedding and so many aspects to consider that their input can only help.

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Share Responsibility

Beyond caring about their opinions for wedding details, you should consider divvying up the bridesmaids’ tasks so that everyone can feel involved. Task could be planning a shower or bachelorette party, helping stuff invitations, coming dress shopping with you as well of many day-of-the-wedding duties like bustling your dress - there are lots of things for the bridesmaids to do!

In addition to your bridesmaids, consider your other friends and family who might be able to take on different tasks, too. It's one thing to let your friends feel special with one responsibility, but another to ask each of them to do too much by themselves.

Offering bridesmaids the chance to manage a task might be another way to show them how well you know them. If you have a friend who does awesome calligraphy, consider kindly asking her to plan or do the table place cards. If one of your bridesmaids is really into music, perhaps you can ask her to prepare a list of songs to give the DJ.

There is so much to do and your bridesmaids might appreciate getting involved, but not feeling like they have to do everything all by themselves.

how to pamper your bridesmaids

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Pamper Them (And Yourself!)

The night before your wedding day, with your nerves frazzles and ten million things going through your brain, choose to unwind and relax with your favorite girlfriends. Depending on your budget, either take a trip to a local spa or bring the spa experience home with you. Even if you simply plan to have a quiet sleepover filled with face masks, nail painting, and romantic comedies, it will be a welcome break before the main event.

Make the night before even more special by preparing custom monogrammed robes for you and your bridesmaids. This kind of keepsake is something that each girl can take home to enjoy and remember this special time.

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Say 'Thanks' in a Unique Way

They've been with you for months leading up to the wedding celebrations and they've probably dealt with too many issues during that time to count. Although you don't need to go overboard with a bridesmaids gift, you should certainly plan ahead to give each friend something special.

A great way to say thanks with a gift is to customize it for each friend. You know them best. Show that you care for them and listen to them by choosing gifts that suit their interests and likes. For the bookworm friend, look for a book about friendship. For the friend with a job where they spend a lot of time on their feet, slip in essential oils for aches and pains. It might take a little extra planning, but consider the time each of your bridesmaid will give of theirs to help make your day special.

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Bye Bye Bridezilla, Hello Happy Bridesmaids

Temper tantrums and tear-filled phone calls may not be unavoidable, but staying mindful of the personal feelings of your bridesmaids will lessen the pain of those anxiety-fueled times. Your friends will be more forgiving in the long-term, if you actively share your thoughts and concerns with them. And a big part of helping them take the bad with the good will be showing how much you appreciate their help. Even the smallest thing, like a spontaneous phone call, shows them how integral they are to your wedding planning.

Now that you know how to make your bridesmaids feel special, what will you do for them?

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