Free Download: Wedding Dress Shopping Voting Cards

Free Download: Wedding Dress Shopping Voting Cards

Gather your bride tribe, because I have the world's easiest and, dare I say, most fun, wedding DIY project to share with you! This is a free download for you to make your own wedding dress shopping voting signs for when you and your bridesmaids go shopping! Now, they can give their opinion with these super cute, Instagram-worthy signs and all you have to is download and print them out! So exciting, I know!

wedding dress shopping voting signs free download

Have you ever seen those pictures on Instagram and on wedding blogs of brides shopping with their bridesmaids and their family, and the entire tribe has these cute little signs where everyone can vote on the dresses that they love and don't love? How about those fun and super adorable "I said yes to the dress" signs that brides hold up when they finally find "the one"?

Where do they get these signs? Well, I've got the ultimate hook up! You can have those fun and funny votings signs for your dress shopping outings as a free download right here! Think it as my little gift to you and your tribe! I just want ot make wedding dress shopping fun for everyone! 

I designed six different signs that you can download right here and print at home for free. There are signs for your bridesmaids and there is one sign for you when you finally find the wedding dress of your dreams! The voting signs say:

  • Hell to the no!
  • Thats' the one!
  • OMG Yes!
  • Love, love, love it!
  • Total yikes!
  • Hmmmm maybe!
  • Hard pass! 
  • I said yes to the dress!

These dress voting signs are for your mom, your aunt, your friend, and/or your bridesmaids to cast their vote on the dresses as you try them on. They don't even have to say it, they can just hold up a vote sign! And, the last sign, that one's for you, the bride, for when you've found the wedding dress that you are going to wear on your big day!

Click here to have the voting signs emailed right to you. Below are some instructions, but, really all you have to do is sign up, get the email, open the download and print. Even if you aren't the crafty type, I pinky promise that this is the easiest DIY project on the planet! 

i said yes to the dress sign free printable


You'll Need:

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • 4 Pieces 8.5 X 11 card stock
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Tape or glue
  • 8 Craft sticks


1. Download the Free Wedding Dress Shopping Voting Signs for free right here.

Helpful Hints: This is a PDF document that will be emailed to you. So, once you sign up, go check your email. Once you click "download," you will find it wherever your downloads are stored on your computer.

2. Print the document you just downloaded

Helpful Hints:  Make sure that your printer is set to "landscape" to ensure that the document prints properly.

The heavier the stock or thickness of your paper, the better. You can certainly print the signs on plain printer paper and have your bridesmaids or family hold the paper signs up to cast their vote. You do not need to use the craft sticks to make signs! But, if you do want to use the craft sticks to make the signs like I did in the pictures on this blog post, you will need paper that is thicker than regular printer paper, called "card stock," so that the signs don't flop.

These voting signs are designed with three different colors (gray, black and blue). If you want to save printer ink, be sure to check "black & white only" on your printer settings.

If you don't want to print out the first page of instructions, make sure to set your printer to only print pages 2 - 4.

3. Cut out each sign design

Helpful Hints: There are five pieces of paper in the download. The first page is instructions, which you don't need to print out (see hint above). Each page after the first page has two separate voting signs that you will need to cut apart. Cut down the middle and along the gray edges to form a border for your signs. 

4. Secure your signs to craft sticks

Helpful Hints: This is where you can get creative! But, you don't have to, since this is a DIY project for the non-crafty type!

To turn your printed voting cards into handheld signs for your bride tribe to vote, you'll need to attach each card to a craft stick. You may use popsicle sticks, straws, tongue depressors, paint stirrer sticks, and more.

For our photos, we used jumbo craft sticks with rounded edges found on Amazon. We taped the sticks to the back of each sign using clear packaging tape.

free download wedding dress shopping voting signs

And that's it! So super simple! Just download the signs right here, print and pass them out when you go wedding dress shopping with your bride tribe! 


Will you promise to send me pictures ( of you and your bridesmaids and family with the signs!? Better yet, you can tag me on Instagram @gartergirl or use my hashtag #tooprettytotoss! I can't wait to see you using the voting signs! And, I can't wait to see you with your "I said yes to the dress" sign because that means that you found the most amazing wedding dress! 

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