How To Do the Wedding Garter the Simple Way

How To Do the Wedding Garter the Simple Way

All of my brides-to-be out there who are feeling the stress of planning a wedding, but are still really interested in having a modern heirloom, i.e. a wedding garter, from their big day will relate to today's garter advice post. I am back with another wedding garter 101 advice post in my blog where I will talk about all things wedding garterand give you some solid advice for all of your garter related questions.

Today, I'm giving advice for the brides-to-be who are feeling stressed and want to easy tips for selecting a wedding garter, and advice for how to make the wedding garter design process simple. Your wedding garter is something beautiful and special that you can save for many years after your wedding and pass it down through the generations. A garter is NOT something that should be stressful in anyway! Modern heirlooms are not modern problems!

Your wedding garter selection should be as simple and stress free as this simple lace bridal garter design….


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You know you want something special at your wedding for your bridal garter because you are probably going to save it long after your wedding is over (maybe pass the garter down as a family heirloom too!), but between the bridal dress and the wedding reception food and the transportation for your wedding guests and the bridesmaids dresses and the flowers for the bridal bouquet and the whole getting married part, the garter  is the LAST thing on your mind. I get it! Believe me, I get it!!

Picking out a wedding garter under the other stress of planning a wedding, can be tough stuff. (Who knew?!) Here are some tips to help make it quick, easy and a tradition that you won't regret…

Don't settle…
You can go to a mega-discount store and get yourself a wedding garter for $4.95, but why? Your wedding garter is an easy memento to keep from your special day. Make the effort to get one that you love now and will love in 30 years when you pass it on to your daughter.

Keep it simple…
The wedding garter is only about two inches wide, at the most. It is small little heirloom (which is why it is so easy to save!), so just pick one or two things to design on your garter. You can choose, for example, your colors and wedding date from your wedding an go with it for your garter. Don't try to fit every detail onto the small space. (That's what wedding photographs are for!)

Try it on…
The last thing you want is a wedding garter that you can't wear. Just like your dress, make sure you try your garter on before the big day. Many garters are one-size-fits-all, but we all know that everyone isn't the same size. It is easier to solve problems before your wedding, than on the morning before your wedding.

Talk to your partner…
If you are going to do the wedding garter toss, be sure to talk to your partner first. You two should be on the same page about how you want the garter toss ceremony at your wedding reception to go down. Do the want to take the garter off with his teeth in front of grandma? You better find out!

Have fun…
The wedding garter tradition, like the rest of your wedding, is supposed to be a fun thing. So, don't over think it, just enjoy the moment.


So, those are my tips for how to do the wedding garter the easy way. What are your tips for making the whole garter process easy and quick?

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