How High Should I Wear My Wedding Garter?

How High Should I Wear My Wedding Garter?

Are you thinking about a wedding garter or wondering where it should be placed on your leg? I get the garter position question a lot when I get custom wedding garter design requests. How high should I wear my wedding garter, brides to be often ask me.

I am here with another wedding advice post in my bridal garter 101 blog series where I answer any and all of your questions about wedding garters. And, believe me, even I'm surprised about how many questions there are!



Photo Credit: Renee Hollingshead

The Models

When you see pictures of wedding garters for sale online or in styled photography, the garter tends to be really high, in my opinion. (This is just my opinion though! You can ultimately where your wedding garter where you'd like!) The styled garters or garters for sale online are typically on models and are intended to sell the garter, not to actually be worn for any length of time.

Styled garter photo online tend to pull the garter up really high because the model is skinny and they are trying to show you how beautiful it is. But, that isn't the average person! It is a model! They are trying to show off the garter and not the leg. The garters in these photos are not show very practically, in my opinion!

In real life and on your wedding day, it is more likely that you'll pull the garter down closer to your knee. To a spot that is more comfortable that won't rub.

The Dress

For the average female, wearing a garter really high on your leg (like you see on the models) can be really uncomfortable. Making it even more uncomfortable is that you'll be wearing your bridal garter under a hot wedding dress. It gets hot under that wedding dress with the layers of tulle and the lining and the fabric as you are walking around and dancing all day long.

No one wants to talk about under the wedding dress, but it is true! It is hot under that dress! And, if you wear your wedding garter up really high on your leg the more chance of it being really uncomfortable underneath your wedding dress.

Pulling your garter down to a spot that feels good to you is the best option. You don't have to wear it so high like you see in the pictures. Lower it to a point that feels good, probably closer to your knee where your legs are the skinniest and that feels the best.

The Advice

My advice is to wear your wedding garter where it is most comfortable. I generally recommend wearing it just above your knee. In this position it will have less of a chance of rubbing your other leg or chafing in any way. Plus, it is still high enough that it won't fall down.

I hope this helps! Happy wedding!

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