5 Awesome Things About Wedding Garters

5 Awesome Things About Wedding Garters

I was talking with a wedding industry friend recently and she asked me to list the reasons why I loved wedding garters. What makes them so special?! This is a little different than my typical wedding garter 101 posts, but still on the same topic! In my blog series I have been answering any and all questions related to a wedding garter. And, even I'm surprised at how many questions their are!

I truly love hand making wedding garters and getting to meet all of the different brides-to-be that come to me looking for a modern wedding heirloom. I love the challenge of running my own business and, of course, I really love sewing and creating heirlooms with my hands.

As we were talking I quickly rattled off a few things that popped into my mind. I thought it would be fun to write them down and share them with you. So, here we go: these are my five reasons why wedding garters are cool and what makes them so awesome!


Photo credit: Renee Hollingshead

#1 :: The Designs Are Amazing
When I first started designing wedding garters in 2004, the designs were nothing like they are today! I was the only one designing garters with a modern and stylish edge. I wish I could say that I'm still the only one today, but alas there are many more designers today. But, lucky for brides out there! This means more choice and more style, which is never a bad thing!

#2 :: Its Fun!
So much of wedding planning is stressful and overwhelming! A wedding garter is not a complicated choice and it is a simple and fun thing between you and your man! It is fairly affordable on the scale of wedding related items, making it easier to take a risk and go with something that matches your personality!

#3 :: Toss the Toss
Weddings today are all about doing only what you want to do and what fits your style! Most couples today are skipping traditions that were once considered unskippable, including the wedding garter toss ceremony. And , that's perfectly fine! Do what makes you happy! Customization is all the rage in wedding planning and design, and your reception program is no exception. Thankfully, most guests love to see a reception that is unique to the couple and they certainly won't miss the garter toss!

#4 :: Insta-Heirloom
If you are looking to pass something onto a friend or family member or even keep for a future daughter, than nothing is better than a wedding garter! You can easily pass your wedding garter onto a friend to be her "something borrowed" or keep it for a family member and have it be their "something old." A wedding garter is the fast path to a wedding heirloom! Besides, if vintage wedding design is still popular when your daughter gets married, you'll be that much father ahead!

#5 :: Zero Calories
There are so many beautiful details in wedding design, but certain things can be tough to save over the long-term. Your wedding garter is the ideal wedding keepsake – it is small, it is personal and it will last forever! Your flowers won't last beyond a week (unless you get your bouquet pressed, which I highly recommend!) Your wedding cake is full of calories and you probably don't really want to save what you'll be saving from eating all of your cake! So, skip the calories and save your wedding garter instead!

There you have it! These are my five reasons why wedding garters are cool! What did I miss?

Happy wedding!

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