Custom Garter Spotlight: Grandmother + Mother’s Wedding Dresses

Custom Garter Spotlight: Grandmother + Mother’s Wedding Dresses

Do you have your tissues handy? Today's custom wedding garter heirloom feature that I want to share will no doubt warm your heart and bring a tear to your eye! The privilege of making garters from the bride's family materials, such as wedding dresses and veils, is the greatest honor and each one is so unique. I can just feel the memories in the heirloom pieces, and envision all of the new memories that will be made, as the new brides takes her wedding day garter heirloom, wears it, loves it and saves it for the next bride in her family. It is amazing and so powerful that a small wedding keepsake garter can have such meaning and importance in a family's life!

What do you get when you combine pieces from both the grandmother's wedding veil and the mother's wedding dress?? A gorgeous wedding garter heirloom, of course!

I had the honor recently to hand make a stylish and ultra personal wedding garter made for a bride from her grand mother's wedding dress and her mom's wedding dress. I also had a few sentimental pieces such as a piece from her grandmother's bridal bouquet wrap and a family cross. This custom garter was so special, so feminine and I know that she, and her entire family, will love it forever!

For this custom garter, I combined the tulle from her mother's dress and from her grandmother's veil for the background of he garter and then I added in lace flower appliqués from her mother's dress. I added in a satin bow and a few other family details that she wanted. I also hand made a tossing garter, because there was no way that she was tossing this family heirloom wedding garter that I had just made! The tossing garter was a blush satin with a blush satin bow to match her feminine personal style and wedding colors.

I can't take it anymore, I just want to share the pictures of how gorgeous this custom wedding garter heirloom turned out! No more talking, here are the pictures of this custom wedding garter made from the bride's grandmother's and her mother's wedding dress…













I told you that this custom wedding garter was not only personal, but totally gorgeous right!? I just love all the family heritage that went into the design of the garter. Because the materials were so delicate and dainty, the garter design turned out so feminine and beautiful.

Thank you so much for the honor and privilege to make such a gorgeous wedding garter from your family's materials. I hope that you love it so much and save it for your daughter! I wish you all the best in your marriage and your life!


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