Bonobos…The Best Pants for the Groom

Bonobos…The Best Pants for the Groom

Today is my brother's birthday and while I don't usually do product posts, I thought it only fitting to do this one.

My brother is pretty stylish. He really cares about what he looks like and he can usually be found sporting the latest trend in male fashion. (My sister and I taught him well!) He is obsessed with Bonobos pants. I don't know where or how it got started with him, but suffice to say, he is drinking the Bonobos Kool-Aid.

[This would be the part where I'd insert and awesome picture of my bro rockin' his Bonobos. But, alas, don't have one. Sorry!]

I was on the Bonobos website before Christmas to order a pair for the garter guy (aka my husband) and I noticed that they have a whole suite of offerings for weddings…including custom pants, tux pants, blazers and just plain khakis (for the beach weddings, of course). Check out how happy this model looks in his coral colored Bonobos…

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Looking for more? On the Bonobos blog that have more ideas and some suggestions for which pants to get for your wedding day.

Seriously, to all the grooms…there is no reason to be uncomfortable on your wedding day in some pair of rented pants that you have to give back. Check out Bonobos and you might even be able to get some use out of them after your wedding. I think your future spouse would approve!

Bonobos need to be hemmed after you buy them to make sure that they are the perfect length. How fun (and eco-friendly) would it be to make a wedding garter from the left over material??

Happy birthday, big bro! You wear the Bonobos well!

P.S. Bonobos didn't pay me for this post. I doubt they even know about it. Although, they should consider giving my brother a little commission for the amount of referrals he has given!