a friend’s real wedding garter

a friend’s real wedding garter

check out this beautiful picture of one of my wedding garters…

black and white julianne smith wedding garter

photo credit to nancy ostertag photography

it is a white satin garter (1.5 inches wide) with a white with ivory polka dots satin bow.  here a shot of the bride putting it on.  isn't she gorgeous??

bride putting on wedding garter

photo credit to nancy ostertag photography

truth be told, this beautiful bride is a really good friend of mine.  i loved making this wedding garter for her and being a part of her special day.

because it was raining outside, my friend had to move her whole wedding inside.  it turned out to me one of the most intimate weddings i've been to.  the ceremony was sweet, funny, full of love, personal and done in a room packed full of their friends and family.  they were up on a little riser in the middle of the room, while everyone was standing around watching and listening.  it was a really cool set-up. talk about making it work! (kudos to the tabard inn!)

i remember at one point during the ceremony my husband turning to me and saying, "this wedding is awesome; i really like how this is all put together."  and i said, "it is so allison and tom."  i just love it when a wedding truly reflects who the bride and groom are as a couple.

thanks for letting me share these beautiful photos!

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