Family Heirloom Materials Deposit

This is a non-refundable deposit for a wedding garter designed and handmade by The Garter Girl using your materials. This deposit reserves your spot in The Garter Girl's queue and will be applied to your total heirloom purchase. 

DISCLAIMER:  By paying this deposit, you understand that The Garter Girl will cut and take apart your material and use it in your design. The Garter Girl is not responsible for any stains, holes, tears, markings or broken embellishments such as lost pearls in your material that occurred prior to receipt, during shipment and while in our possession. All material cuts and design details will be fully discussed with you in writing prior to any action being taken with your material. The Garter Girl will return to you all unused material when finished. If you decide not to move forward with an heirloom using your materials, your materials will be returned to you, but this deposit will not be returned under any circumstances.

(Please don't check the "Personalize Your Garter" box below. We'll take care of your personalization later! Simply, click the blue "add to cart" button and check out to take care of your deposit. Thank you!) 

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