Which Garter is the Tossing Garter?

Which Garter is the Tossing Garter?

I get this question quite often: Which wedding garter is the tossing garter? Don't worry, I'm here to help with all of your wedding garter questions!

Welcome to another garter 101 blog series post. This time it is about what to do when you aren't quite sure which of the two wedding garters is the tossing garter and which one is the main garter.

Here is a picture of a wedding garter set. (This is the sweet wedding garter set from my collection.)


The tossing bridal garter is really which ever one you want it to be! You should toss the garter that you don't want to save, effectively making that the "tossing" garter. That said, when you buy a wedding garter set, it comes with two garters. One is to keep and one is to toss.When you toss the tossing garter, you don't have to worry about getting it back and then you can have your main garter to save for after your wedding.

Here is another picture of a tossing garter set. (This is a custom wedding garter set that includes a main garter and then a simple, less formal tossing garter.)



Typically, the tossing garter is plain and less expensive garter in the set as compared to main wedding garter. So, if you buy two wedding garters together, the tossing garter is the smaller one or the one that is the most basic. This isn't always the case, but typically if you buy a wedding garter set, the tossing garter will be a simple version of your main garter.

Hope this helps! Check out more wedding garter questions and answers in my garter 101 series.