What Should I Do With My Garter After My Wedding?

What Should I Do With My Garter After My Wedding?

The wedding is over. You are in post-wedding bliss (or depression) now that all of the planning is over and you've had an amazing time celebrating with all of your friends and family! Now, what should you do with that pretty wedding garter of yours?

Up next in my wedding garter 101 advice series where I answer all of your questions related to garters – seems impossible, I know! Today, I'm talking about unique uses for your garter after your wedding. I'm giving advice to recent brides and offering things for them to do with their garter after the last song at their wedding!


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Fear not, here is my best garter girl advice for what to do with your wedding garter after your wedding.

Save It!

Save it! That's right, save it! Maybe tuck it away in a wedding box with your invitations and jewelry, or put it in your lingerie drawer.

I've said it many times before, your wedding garter is the ideal wedding keepsake. The garter is small, it is pretty, it is a little expression of your wedding day. This makes it such a great memento from your wedding and something that you can hold onto for a long, long time, well after the dust settles from your wedding and honeymoon.

Pass It On!

The next best thing to do with your garter after you wedding is to pass it on and create your own modern wedding heirloom.

Another option for what to do with your wedding garter after your wedding is to pay it forward. You can pass your garter on to a friend or family member, creating an special wedding heirloom, a new family tradition or the bride's something borrowed. (If your garter was blue, it could be her something blue too!)

You can save it and pass it onto your daughter or granddaughter, or maybe you have a sister (or sorority sister!) that you could give your garter to for their something borrowed.

Many brides purchase wedding garters from me because they love the tradition of a garter and they want to create a new family tradition of passing the garter throughout their family. The garter goes from bride, to her cousin, her sister and to another cousin, maybe a niece. And, each bride add something personal to the garter making it an extra special family heirloom.

Care For Your Garter

Now that you know you are going to save your garter or pass it on, the next question is how to save your garter? You really need to care for your garter properly, no matter what you decide to do with it after your wedding. Taking care of your garter will ensure that it lasts a long, long time!

For more information and advice on how to take care or your garter after your wedding, check out my post on how to save and protect your garter.


So, what will you do with your garter now that your wedding is over? Will you save it or will you pass it on? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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