What is a Tossing Wedding Garter?

What is a Tossing Wedding Garter?

As a wedding garter designer, you can imagine how often I get asked about garter sets and what exactly a tossing garter is. I get this question all the time from brides-to-be: What is a tossing garter?

Of all the wedding garter 101 advice blog posts that I've done over the years answering any and all questions relating to bridal garters, I realized that I haven't done one specifically answering this common question regarding a tossing garter. I better get on that and today I'm going to answer it once and for all!

First, let's start with a picture of a tossing garter on a real bride. This is the lovely wedding garter set from my collection. You can see the tossing garter is closer to her knee and her main garter is made with lace and it is higher up her leg.

wedding garter set

Photo Credit: Missy Loves Jerry

What Is A Tossing Garter?

A tossing garter is a smaller, often less detailed wedding garter that many brides wear so that they don't loose their main garter. If you are doing the wedding garter toss part of the tradition, then this is the garter that will get tossed, or thrown to the crowd waiting eagerly on the dance floor! (After all, the person who catches the garter will be the next person to be married, right!?!) Many brides want to save their wedding garter as a keepsake from their wedding day and opt to wear a tossing garter so that they won't loose their main garter. They can toss their garter with full confidence!

Tossing Garter Placement

I recommend wearing your tossing garter just below your main garter, meaning the farthest down your leg, the closest to your knee. This way your partner will grab the first garter on your leg. You could also let your partner know that you'd like for the tossing garter to be the one tossed. (I had one bride tell me that the groom by accident took both garters off in the heat of the moment!)

It can seem kind of silly to wear two wedding garters. But, if you are doing the garter toss and you want to save your garter after your wedding, then I'd recommend wearing a tossing garter. Not too long ago, I made another wedding garter for a bride after her wedding, because she didn't get her garter back after the toss.


Hope this answers the tossing garter question! More questions about the wedding garter? Check out my Garter 101 series!