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What Brides Really Wear Under Their Dress

What Brides Really Wear Under Their Dress

If you read blogs or look at wedding magazines, you might think you need all sorts of lingerie and fancy support for yourself underneath you wedding dress. And, there is a definitely a market for bridal lingerie, don't me wrong! I mean there are even lingerie bridal showers! However, there is a big difference between bridal lingerie for your wedding day and lingerie for your wedding night! In this wedding garter 101 blog post, I'll give you the real deal about what brides wear under their wedding dress!

On your wedding day, you'll need very little under your wedding dress. It is hot under there, so the less material the better! Skip the hosiery and the garter belt and the corset. Most wedding dresses come with built in support in the bra area. (And, if your wedding dress doesn't then this post isn't for you – you definitely might need some extra support!) If the dress has proper boning and is altered correctly to fit you perfectly, then there should be no need for all sorts of bridal lingerie. Skip the lingerie for your wedding day and save it for your wedding night!

Here's what you need to wear under your dress on your wedding day…

Wedding Dress



Photo Credit: Amsale via Brides.com


Something Blue Undies

blue-bridal-underwear-Hanky-PankyPhoto Credit: Hanky Panky via Nordstrom


Wedding Garter


Romantic wedding garter style




Photo Credit: Jimmy Coo


And, that's it! You really don't need to wear a lot under your wedding dress on your big day!

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What will you wear under your dress on your wedding day?