Introducing: The Planner Emergency Kit Garter

Introducing: The Planner Emergency Kit Garter

Say "hello" to the newest wedding garter in my stylish collection! But, this super special garter isn't for brides! (OK, technically in the end, it is for brides!) This bridal garter is for wedding planners to add to their emergency kit to use on the wedding day. Just about every wedding planner has an emergency kit packed full of supplies to handle just about anything that could go wrong on the wedding day. Planners carry everything from tape to deodorant to hairspray in their kit. (Speaking of, check out this post that I did a long time ago over on United With Love about what wedding planners pack in their emergency kit.)


Over the years, I've had a few wedding planner friends tell me stories about the bride who forgot a garter or didn't have a something borrowed or blue. To solve these unexpected problems that always pop up on the day of the wedding, I created the perfect wedding garter for planners to toss into their emergency kit. This special wedding garter features an ivory satin background with a beautiful stripe of the palest light blue satin. This bridal garter is small enough to fit into any kit because it is only about one inch wide. As with all of my garter designs, this garter also comes in a white cotton bag to protect the garter inside the kit. There are no bows or frills on this wedding garter, but it does have a little touch of light blue. You know, just in case the bride need something blue! This bridal garter is specially designed to be stored in a wedding planners' emergency kit. It will be crushed and tossed around, and then come out of its bag perfect for a bride who needs it the most!

wedding-planner-emergency-kit-garter-The-Garter-Girl-3 wedding-planner-emergency-kit-garter-The-Garter-Girl-12 wedding-planner-emergency-kit-garter-The-Garter-Girl wedding-planner-emergency-kit-garter-The-Garter-Girl-7 wedding-planner-emergency-kit-garter-The-Garter-Girl-10 wedding-planner-emergency-kit-garter-The-Garter-Girl-6 wedding-planner-emergency-kit-garter-The-Garter-Girl-4 wedding-planner-emergency-kit-garter-The-Garter-Girl-9 wedding-planner-emergency-kit-garter-The-Garter-Girl-8 wedding-planner-emergency-kit-garter-The-Garter-Girl-5 wedding-planner-emergency-kit-garter-The-Garter-Girl-2

Here's hoping that forgetting their wedding garter is the worst thing that happens on a couple's wedding day!

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