Wedding Garter Removal Songs

Wedding Garter Removal Songs

It is a fact…just married couples can't talk about doing the wedding garter toss at their reception without talking about what music will help them to relax, set the tone and get their wedding guests in the spirit! Today, I'm share some really great song ideas for removing the wedding garter at your reception. You might want to let your band or DJ choose the garter removals and toss songs, but just in case you need to do your own research, I have a really great list of garter removal songs to share! (Because did you know that removing the garter is one song and then a different song is played during the garter toss?? Read on to find out more! I had no idea!)


Ever since I started my wedding wedding garter 101 blog series, I knew that a post about good garter toss and removal songs was a MUST. (Remember in the garter 101 series, I'm talking everything wedding garter! I'm answer all your garter questions and then some!) After talking to Washington DC area wedding DJs Mydeeay, I learned quickly that there was much more to the wedding garter toss than one good, well-thought out tune. Who knew there was so much that goes into a song selection!

The Removal AND The Toss

When I first asked a wedding DJ for their suggestions for good wedding garter toss songs, they told me that he usually plays two different songs during the wedding garter ceremony. One song during the garter removal and one song (a different song) during the garter toss. Who knew!? (Word to the wise, make sure you pick a wedding DJ or band leader who knows that they are talking about and who has been-there-done-that and lots of weddings!)

It was clear that after their years of experience as wedding DJs, they had lots of great garter advice for couples, so I was thankful to have this finally explained to me – once and for all! So, today, I'm only going to share song ideas for the garter removal. (If you want to see song ideas for the garter toss, be sure to check out the separate post that I did on that!)

Garter Removal

The wedding garter toss ceremony can really be broken into two different actions…removal and toss. For the first act – the removal – the wedding garter is tastefully (or not!) removed from the bride's leg.

Here is a list of popular wedding garter removal songs that a wedding DJ provided to me based on actual songs used by their clients at countless weddings over the years…

Wedding Garter Removal Songs

Dirrty…Christina Aguilera
Drop Dead Legs…Van Halen
American Woman…The Guess Who
You Make My Dreams Come True…Hall and Oates
Would You Go With Me…Josh Turner
Short Skirt, Long Jacket…Cake
Oh Yeah…Yello
Cherry Pie…Warrant
Business Time…Flight of the Conchords
Foxey Lady…Jimi Hendrix

More Songs

Do you want to see more wedding garter removal song options? Check out these visitor-generated lists! There is a great wedding garter toss songs list from Project Wedding. And this is a list of wedding garter removal songs from Wedding Wire. The best part about both of these song lists is that they are created and edited by the readers, so they are song suggestions from real couples! So fun!

So, that's the list of wedding garter removal songs. What do you think? What songs would you add? Leave a comment below so that everyone can see, learn and plan!

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