Help! My Garter Is Too Tight!

Help! My Garter Is Too Tight!

Yikes, have you tried your wedding garter on, maybe worn it around a little bit, and it is way too tight? Does it hurt because it is too tight? Is it leaving a mark on your leg? There are things you can do if your wedding garter is simply too tight. You've come to the right place, just consider me your wedding garter fairy blog mother! I think it is time for another wedding garter advice post in my wedding garter 101 blog series!


Let me first say that I hope it isn't the morning of your wedding! When you get your wedding garter – or any of your other wedding accessories – make sure that you try them on well in advance of your wedding. And, wear them around as close as possible to how you will on your wedding day. Don't just throw it on over your jeans, rather really try it on and wear it! For example, bring your veil to you hair trial and have the stylist do your hair with the veil in the way that it will be on your wedding day. You'll never know if your wedding shoes are too high or, in this case, if you wedding garter is too tight if you don't actually try it on and then wear it around.

So, you've tried it on and your wedding garter doesn't fit. Here are a few things that you can to to alleviate the situation:

Move It Down

Can you move your wedding garter farther down your leg towards your knee or foot? Most women's legs get gradually smaller the lower you go, so moving it farther down your leg might make it more comfortable. Many brides think that they need to wear their wedding garter up super high on their leg and that's just not true. You should wear your garter where it is the most comfortable for you! If that is closer to your knee, then go for it. Comfort is the most important factor when it comes to the placement of your wedding garter.

Stretch It Out

Sometimes the elastic on wedding garters is really tight because it is new. Elastic will loosen up – a little bit – over time, so try giving your garter a few gentle stretches to full diameter to try to get the elastic to loosen up. This might make the garter more comfortable and less stiff. Don't pull the garter so far that it breaks! There is a limit to how far elastic will stretch. But, just like a hair tie, if you pull on it a little bit, your bridal garter might loosen up and feel more comfortable under your wedding dress.

Snip It

If it is truly too tight, you can try cutting it the wedding garter up the back and then using a safety pin or something else to secure it and make it a little bit larger. You can try cutting the garter just halfway through to see if that alleviates the pressure a little bit or cutting it all the way through and using a safety pin to secure the two sides together. If you need a lot of extra space, you could even try to safety pin two pieces of ribbon, one to either side and then tie the ribbons together to secure the garter. If pins won't work and you have some time, try hot gluing the ribbons. Once the glue is dry, you can tie the ribbons together in a pretty bow. You can also use the glue to tame any frayed edges that might happen from cutting the garter.

Take It Off

I know it isn't ideal, but if your garter simply doesn't work and it is way too tight, just take it off. You don't want to be uncomfortable on your wedding day for any reason! You should be enjoying the wedding day and focusing on other things and not distracted with your wedding garter! If it is the morning of your wedding and the garter doesn't work, and there is no time to fix it, then just take it off and move on with your wedding day. If your bridal garter is sentimental or you really want to have it with you on your day, try wrapping it around your bridal bouquet or putting it in your bridal purse. This way you'll still have the garter, but you won't be wearing it!

Rework It

If your wedding garter was hand made for you, then by all means, contact the designer and have them make you a new one. Using a tape measure, measure around where you want to wear your garter and let the designer know. Most wedding garters come in a standard, one-size-fits-all, but we know that not every bride is the same size! Check the garter's sizing before purchasing and let the designer know if you have any questions or concerns. I always recommend sizing up for the garter because you just never know. It is easier to deal with it if the garter is too loose instead of too tight.


So, that's my wedding garter advice for a garter that is too tight! For more advice, be sure to check out my wedding garter 101 blog series where I go through lots of different questions and problems related the garter.