Vastu…The Perfect Spot for a Garter Party!

Vastu…The Perfect Spot for a Garter Party!

I walk by Vastu, a contemporary and modern furniture store in Washington, D.C., just about every day. Whenever I'm talking my daughter for a stroll or I'm out and about, I always make it a point to go past Vastu so that I can check out what they have in the window. (This winter they had these super cool indoor fireplaces!) So, that's how I came to have my new wedding garter collection at Vastu.


Of course, I'm over simplifying the story and leaving out the part where the people at Vastu were so helpful, accommodating and couldn't have been more supportive, but suffice to say, I stalked the store (via Twitter, no less) and asked very nicely!

Vastu is the kind of store that you just want to move into. The designers have such impeccable taste and each little nook within the store is a spot that I would love to have in my home.





Stylish-garters-and-vases-at Vastu-The-Garter-Girl-by-Julianne-Smith

I just loved all the pictures that A Britton Photography took…the garters look so awesome styled next to their decor! I can't take any of the credit, it is the all the elements at Vastu that made the pretty garters in my new collection look so fun and fresh!

I especially LOVE this wooden dinning room table….


And, this hot pinkish and gray flowered chair has been on my lust list for months now…


Thank you, Vastu! I love your store and I loved having my stylish garter collection party there!


All photos on this post are credited to A Britton Photography.