Valentine’s Day Wedding Garters

Valentine’s Day Wedding Garters

I thought I'd have a little fun for this coming Valentine's Day and create three special wedding garters. (BTW Valentine's Day is next Tuesday in case my husband happens to be reading this!!) These wedding garter designs are all love themed and turned out really unique! Even better for my Valentine brides, I'll be posting them on my Etsy page for sale. Here is wishing you a special Valentine's Day!

The first Valentine's Day wedding garter is an ivory satin background with an ivory grosgrain stripe. I hand embroidered three hearts on it.



This Valentine's Day wedding garter is a white satin background with a deep red grosgrain stripe and a hot pink satin bow.



The last Valentine's Day wedding garter is a play on a new garter style that I'm working on. It is an ivoy grosgrain background with an over-sized red satin bow. It is hand stamped with the words "i hear you."



Hope you have an amazing and extra lovely Valentine's Day! If you love any of these special wedding garters, you can purchase them in my Etsy shop.