Top 10 Custom Wedding Garters Of The Year

Top 10 Custom Wedding Garters Of The Year

Its that time of year for all different types of countdowns as we celebrate the end of the year and get excited for the year ahead! I thought it would be fun to do a countdown of my own – with my custom wedding garters, of course! I've made some beauties this year, that's for sure! I love making the garters from my collection, but there is just nothing like making a custom garter for a bride-to-be. It is such a special experience and I love working with each and every one of my brides; its truly a joyful process!

This was definitely the year of the navy and coral wedding, and, of course lots of purple garters. (There are always purple weddings no matter the trends!) And, 2016 is shaping up to be the year of the blush, champagne and gold weddings, which I'm super excited about! I also had the pleasure – and honor – to make quite a few wedding garters from vintage dresses and family heirloom material like veils and the trim for wedding dresses, even the sleeves of a bridal gown! Each one of these modern heirlooms was more unique than the next and I really love getting to know the love story behind the vintage material. Without further ado, here are my top 10 picks for my favorite custom wedding garters that I made this year.


I have to choose this custom garter as my number one for so many reasons! I had a handful of brides really fall in love with my romantic wedding garter style in the collection, but then they sent me some vintage lace from their family and that I used to make the ruffles. Each one of these garters turned out more special than the next and they were all so unique and different. Here is one that turned out beautifully! (See more of the heirloom garter here.)



Don't be deceived by the rose gold glitter on this custom wedding garter! You need to look past the sparkle and feast your eyes on the vintage tulle used in this custom garter set. The bride's sister send me the sleeves off of their mother's wedding dress and we turned it into the most modern of heirlooms! (See more of this glitter garter here.)



Inspired by a tulle skirt, this custom bridal garter was beyond adorable! It featured layers and layers of ivory tulle and it was so super cute. If this bride wasn't wearing a tulle skirt on her wedding day, then I don't know what she was wearing! (See more of this tulle wedding garter here.)



This custom wedding garter was a big hit over on my Instagram with lots of people "liking" this photo. I think it might be because of the hand embroidery on the inside of this custom lace ruffle wedding garter with a pretty navy bow, don't you? (See more of this custom ruffle garter here.)



When you combine simple ivory lace with a luxe blue velvet the combination is magic! And, that's what this custom wedding garter was – magic! (See more of this velvet garter here)



There are not many words for this custom wedding garter – the deep red satin inside speaks for itself! (See more of this black lace garter here.)



I had a bit of this ivory lace this year (I still have more of it, but not much for all of the 2016 brides out there!) and I used to make some of the most simple, yet beautiful, wedding garters. I just love how unfussy this garter design is and the navy satin just makes it that much more special. (See more of this navy blue garter here.)



With layers of tulle and luxe gold lace, this custom wedding garter was so stunning! My only regret about this garter set was that the pictures don't do it justice! (See more of this tulle and gold lace garter here.)



Believe it or not, I made this particular champagne, navy and gold lace wedding garter set with a corset tie in the back three different times, for three different brides! Yes! I posted it on my website and then I had two other brides contact me about it making them the exact same wedding garter set. Here is a view of the back and that stunning corset tie in deep, dark navy. (See more of the corset tie garter set here.)



I would be silly not to include at least one navy and coral garter in a round up of wedding garters of the year. From navy and coral garters with polka dots to ruffles to tulle to just plain and simple, I made it all this year! Here is one that I loved making and hope I get to make more of in 2016! (See more of this navy and coral garter here.)



OK, that was hard! A a little like picking your favorite child – impossible! As I was going back through my custom garters from this past year, I could have picked 50 favorites and not just 10! But, I had to cut it off at some point. Remember, you can see all of my custom garter designs in my gallery.

So, that's it! That was my personal list of my top 10 favorite custom wedding garters that I've made this year! Which are your favorites?