Modern Acrylic Bridal Dress Hangers

Garter Girl Loves: Wedding Dress Hangers

On the day of your wedding you are going to need a pretty hanger for your wedding dress! Yes, you are! If you are hoping for a beautiful picture of your wedding dress hanging up before you put it on, you are going to want to plan ahead and order a hanger. I'm not talking about just any old hanger out […]

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Bridal Jewelry

Garter Girl Loves: Bridal Jewelry

I know, I know, you are thinking that with that big rock of an engagement ring on your hand, you won't need any other jewelry on your wedding day. But, trust me, once you see the beautiful bridal jewelry from small shops on Etsy that you can wear on your wedding day, you'll be thinking long and hard about earrings, bracelets, necklaces […]

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Modern Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Ideas

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Love Cake Topper Wedding

Garter Girl Loves: Love

You know that I love love, right? I mean, I love it! Just kidding! In honor of Valentine's Day coming up, I wanted to share a few things that I truly love so much. In this next installment of Garter Girl Loves, where I share my own personal wedding details and inspirations, I have a collection of fun and whimsical items with […]

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custom wedding website

Garter Girl Loves: Wedding Websites

Are you having a website for your wedding? Even if you are sending paper invitations, I highly recommend having a website for your big wedding celebration! In this next installment of Garter Girl Loves, where I round up my favorite wedding inspiration and details, I'm talking websites and the importance of getting one for your wedding day. Most wedding guests […]

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Modern Marble Cake Stand

Garter Girl Loves: Wedding Cake Stands

I promise that I'm not just going this next Garter Girl Loves post because I love cake! And, even more than just cake, I love wedding cake! If you are going to have a cake at your wedding, I've rounded up my favorite wedding cake stands from Etsy, the ultimate marketplace for handmade and vintage items especially when it comes […]

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