Simple DIY Flower Wedding Garter

Simple DIY Flower Wedding Garter

I'm back with another set of super easy DIY wedding instructions for how to make a flower bridal garter. You might remember that I shared these DIY wedding garter instructions for a gold glitter bridal garter with an ivory silk flower. But, at the same time that I made that garter, I also make a really cute floral garter with polka dots and a pretty little silk flower. I wanted to share this DIY garter too, just because it is so cute!

polka dot and flower wedding garter with bride in flower dress holding

These DIY wedding garter without sewing instructions first appeared on one of my favorite wedding blogs, Wedding Chicks. I did a DIY garter for that blog and two different wedding garters for the feature. I wanted to be able to share both garters with you. So, here is the first DIY gold glitter garter and the instructions for how I made it. And, today I'm going to share the instructions for how I made this sweet little polka dot wedding garter with a little pink flower.

bride in flower dress holding diy silk flower wedding garter

diy modern wedding garter with flower and polka dots

How To Make A Flower Wedding Garter


  • Decorative stretch elastic
  • Silk flowers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue
  • Scissors

materials needed to make a wedding garter

how to make a wedding garter materials

how to make a bridal garter without sewing


  1. Turn on your glue gun.
  2. Prep your flowers by cutting them from the stems. Cut as close as you can to the base of the flower, which still keeping the bud in tact. If the bud comes apart, you might need to glue the flower pack together petal by petal.
  3. To measure the elastic, stretch it around your leg where you want to wear your wedding garter under your bridal gown. Pull it tight, but not too tight. You have to wear it all day!
  4. Snip the elastic, with just a little bit extra, about an inch.
  5. Lay the elastic that you want to use out on a table a so that the wrong side of the elastic is facing you.
  6. On one end of the elastic, place a small dot of glue on the wrong side of the elastic on the very tip, just about 1/4 of an inch from the end.
  7. Take the opposite end of the elastic that you didn't place the glue on and bring it over to the glue side to meet the glue dot so that the right side of the elastic sticks to the glue dot, forming a circle with the elastic.
  8. This is area were the ends meet is now the back of the garter. Add extra glue if needed to fully secure.
  9. On the front of the garter on the right side of the elastic, which is the halfway point from the glued end, place a few glue dots.
  10. Layer your silk flowers in the glue starting with whatever you want in the background, such as leaves.
  11. Add more glue as needed to secure the flowers to the garter.

And, here are just a few pictures of how I made this super cute silk flower wedding garter…

instructions for making a wedding garter

no sew wedding garter for bride

how to make a wedding garter for bride

diy flower wedding garter

how to make wedding garter

gold polka dot and flower wedding garter

bride holding flower wedding garter

 Loving this wedding garter and loving even more that it didn't require a sewing machine!

If you use these instructions to make your wedding garter, let me know! Leave comment or send me a picture to, I'd love to hear from you!

Remember, you can see this full feature and more pictures and silk flower wedding garter ideas and how to make a flower wedding garter over on Wedding Chicks.

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