Shades of Ivory Wedding Garters

Shades of Ivory Wedding Garters

Did you know that there are shades of ivory?! Yes, there are multiple different versions of the very simple, yet beautiful, ivory color. Call it vanilla, off-white, cream, diamond white, candlelight or whatever you will, there are in fact different shades of the same color. And, you can only really tell when you see the colors next to each other. For my wedding garters, I made a commitment a long time ago to a shade if ivory that is technically called "light ivory." I felt that this shade of ivory was right in the middle, not too dark that is was in the yellow family, but not so pale that it would be confused with white. It seems that most brides are looking for wedding dresses and bridal gowns in a shade of ivory, instead of white, so that's why I go mostly with ivory for my wedding garters.

I designed a wedding garter for a bride recently in my chic wedding garter style, but she had me make it in a lighter ivory color and then I usually use. I believe this shade of ivory is technically called antique white! I took a few photos of her a bridal garter next to the original chic wedding garter in light ivory so that she could see the contrast. And, then the light was really amazing and I kept on taking pictures! Now, I have a few pretty pictures of wedding garters in different shades of ivory! Enjoy!

ivory-wedding-garter-The-Garter-Girl ivory-wedding-garter-The-Garter-Girl1 ivory-wedding-garter-The-Garter-Girl2 ivory-wedding-garter-The-Garter-Girl3 ivory-wedding-garter-The-Garter-Girl4 ivory-wedding-garter-The-Garter-Girl5 ivory-wedding-garter-The-Garter-Girl9

What ivory color shade camp are you in? Ivory, vanilla or some other shade of off white I haven't heard of yet!?

I created this shades of ivory wedding inspiration board on Pinterest so that we can be inspired together! Come check it out!

And, if you are interested in an ivory wedding garter, you know I have lots for you to choose from!