Real Wedding Garter: Mariam’s Indian Theme

Real Wedding Garter: Mariam’s Indian Theme

When Mariam first told me about the red and yellow color combination for her wedding and that she wanted me to design a garter to go with her traditional Indian wedding, I have to admit, I was slightly nervous. I didn't know what to expect. Red and yellow isn't a wedding garter color combination that get asked for a lot. But, she sent me her wedding photos and I was blow away! The colors were so perfect and everything looked so amazing. Boy, was I wrong! Look at this beautiful bride putting on her jewelry…


Mariam's Indian themed wedding garter was red and yellow with a touch of blue to be her "something blue." I hand embroidered her initials and the wedding date on her garter. Onto the beautiful wedding garter photos…




And, one last one, cause these two are just so cute…


How gorgeous are these wedding garter photos? The colors are just so rich and bold. I love 'em!

Thank you Mariam letting me design such a special garter for your wedding day. I wish you all the best!