6 Practical Tips For Styling Your Wedding Garter

6 Practical Tips For Styling Your Wedding Garter

Are you looking for styling ideas for the morning of your wedding?? Do you want your stylish wedding garter to be on your "must have" wedding photography list?? Well, you've come to the right place! I often hear from past brides that they didn't get the photographs from their wedding morning that they wanted or they had a special wedding garter or some other family heirloom, but their wedding photographer wasn't able to get a picture of it. Don't let this happen to you! In my wedding garter 101 advice series where I got into detail with all of your garter questions and morning, I'm giving advice for styling your wedding garter and how to make sure that you get the wedding day accessories photographs that you want from the morning of your wedding.


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If you are thinking about unique and fun ways to style your wedding garter, I am taking it just a bit farther today and giving you some tips for stying your garter. A few things that will make the morning of your wedding run more smoothly and be totally stress free! All that you should be worring about on your wedding day is getting married, and not your wedding garter or anything else for that matter!

Avoid The Chaos

The morning of your wedding is a very chaotic time, but if you plan ahead, you can be sure to get the photos that you want. You are probably doing a timeline for wedding ceremony and reception, be sure to also include your wedding morning in that timeline. Proper planning and running through everything in your mind before, will help you to avoid the chaos on the big day. Think about all of the photos that you want taken and then think about when that is going to happen in relation to everything else that is going on, like hair and make up, family arriving, eating lunch and more.

Plan It Out

Any props that you are going to wear, but you want to use as props, you'll need to have those photographs taken before you get dressed in your wedding day attire. You don't want to have your photographer arrive to take photos of your wedding accessories, but you are already dressed and you now have to take it all off. If you know you want what are called "flat lays" or styled images without people of your wedding accessories and morning of details, then plan it out for when the photographer will arrive and when you will get dressed.

Tell Your Planner & Photographer

If you have a wedding garter and it is special and important to you, then make sure that your wedding planner and your wedding photographer know that you want to have your garter photographed. They don't know what you don't tell them! If they know in advance, they can help you come up with some props and ideas for styling your garter so that you aren't worrying about anything but getting married on the morning of your wedding.

Put It On Your Photography List

If you want a picture of your wedding garter, put it on you wedding photography photo list. Sometimes a wedding photographer will ask for a list in advance of your big day of the important people, places and details that you want to be sure to have photographed. Put your garter on your photography list and you'll have a photo to remember!

Props, Props & More Props

Styling anything, especially on your wedding day, is all about the props or those little extras that you use to give the photograph some interest. If you know you want styled images from your wedding, give a little bit of thought in advance. Think about the little extra details, like stripe straws or vintage stamps or macarons (there is an endless list of wedding styling props!) that you might want included in the styled photographs along with your garter. Maybe you can start a Pinterest board of wedding morning styled photographs that you love so you know what to look out for in terms of props. This is why it really helps to let your photographer and your planner know in advance that you have a wedding garter and that you want it photographed, because they can help you gather props and have them on hand for you so that you don't have anything to worry about!

The Garter As The Prop

On the morning of the wedding, more often that not the wedding garter is the prop. For example, if your photographer is taking a picture of your wedding invitation, he or she might use your shoes, your perfume and your wedding garter and maybe a little bit of your bridal bouquet in the photograph along with the invitations. The star of the photograph will be your wedding invitations, but the little extra details that surround it will also be special and meaningful! When you use your wedding garter as a prop along your other fun details, like your veil and your shoes, it becomes a wedding day keepsake that you'll remember forever.


Those are my six best tips for styling you wedding garter. I hope that was helpful to you as you begin to plan for your morning of your wedding and think about those "must have" wedding day photographs! I hope that your wedding garter makes it onto that list!

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