8 Ways To Personalize A Store Bought Garter

8 Ways To Personalize A Store Bought Garter

I am back with more wedding garter advice today! This time in my wedding garter 101 blog series I'm talking about how to take a store bought wedding garter that you may or may not love, and giving advice for how to turn the bridal garter into a modern heirloom that you will love and cherish long after your wedding.

Store bought wedding garters can be really beautiful, but sometimes they can be plain, simple and impersonal. Also, sometimes you get a garter for your wedding as a gift and it might not be the one that you would have chosen. There are so many different reasons why you want to personalize your store bought wedding garter! So, fear not my lovely brides-to-be! I have a few tips and tricks up my garter advice sleeve for how to take a store bought bridal garter and turn it into something extra special for your big day.


So, if you were given a store bought wedding garter or you are thinking about purchasing one for a friend who is getting married (Hello, affordable bridal shower present or bachelorette party surprise!), here are five things that you can do to jazz up that wedding garter a little bit. These tips can also be used by the bride who is looking for a DIY wedding project.

You could purchase a store bought garter for yourself and then do a few things to personalize it and make it special just for you! Brides and grooms are always looking for ways to personalized their wedding – from the food, to the signage, to the music, and of course the attire! So, here goes:


You could hot glue silk flowers onto the store bought wedding garter and really turn it isn't something beautiful! In this case, you can find silk flowers at an craft store. Cut the silk flower off of the stem and hot glue it onto the store bought wedding garter.


Do you have small letter or number stamps? If so, you could use the stamps to put your initials, your wedding day or a special phrase onto the store bought wedding garter.


Sometimes store bought wedding garters have extra decorations on the front of the garter. Sometimes just taking those details off of the garter will make it more simple, but in a good way!


Do you know how to embroider? (If not, be sure to check out my DIY tutorial for how to hand embroider.) Depending on the design of the wedding garter, you (or someone you know!) could embroider onto the store bought wedding garter. This will make the garter extra special and ultra personal. Just like the stamps, you could embroider initials, wedding dates and more!


You and/or your fiancé could sign the store bought wedding garter to make it more special and meaningful. Maybe even write a little note or special saying onto the inside? In this case,  be sure to use a really fine point permanent marker and test it out to make sure that it doesn't bleed onto the store bought garter's fabric. Signing the store bought wedding garter would also be a really fun bachelorette present to the bride from her bridesmaids!


Do you have a special pin in your family or from a place that you and your fiancé have visited? You could add a small pin to your store bought wedding garter. In this case, make sure that the back of the pin is covered with the proper backing so that it doesn't prick your skin. This would also work for a family heirloom like an earring! How special would it be if you added one of our grandmother's earrings to your store-bought wedding garter?! Talk about a modern wedding heirloom!


You can often find little charms and could sew one or more onto the store-bought wedding garter. If there is a little bow on the garter, you could sew the charms just under the bow to hide the stitches.


To create the ultimate modern heirloom, you could take a store bought wedding garter and add pieces of your mother's wedding dress to it. You could add your sister for a piece of her dress or ask each one of your bridesmaids for snips of their dresses! Maybe snip off a strip of the dress, tie it into a bow and glue it onto the front of the garter. Or you could cut little hearts out of the dress fabric or lace and glue those into the garter. You could even ask your future mother-in-law or your grandmother or aunts for small pieces of their wedding dresses to add to your wedding garter.


By purchasing a store bought wedding garter, the options and ideas for making it your own are endless! I really love the idea of asking family and friends for pieces of their wedding dresses and adding it onto your garter to make an extra special modern heirloom. After your wedding, you could add a little piece of your wedding dress and pass it onto the next person in your family to get married and create a family wedding garter!

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