8 New Ah-Mazing Wedding Garter Styles

Designer Hand Made Wedding Garter

Here at The Garter Girl, we pride ourselves on being innovative and bringing you the most gorgeous wedding garter styles. Our garter designs that are so beautiful you'll not only be so excited to wear your garter on your wedding day, but you'll love it so much that you'll want to save it as an heirloom, maybe passing it down to your daughter one day.

With the goal of deigning you luxury wedding garters that you'll love and garter styles that you can't find anywhere else, we are so excited to share with you our 8 new bridal garter styles for this season. Each garter is uniquely designed for you! We've sourced the finest materials that we know you are going to love! These designer garters are modern and fresh, but also elegant and timeless. 

New Designer Garter Styles

It would be a hard to pick a favorite from the new garter collection. We don't envy you at all! From the embroidered floral tulle to the pearl clusters there are so many unique details and we aren't sure which one(s) we are most excited about.

Some of the design features we've been keeping secret in our bridal clutches for years and are just excited to be able to share with you, such as the pearl clusters in the Heiress style. While some of the materials ones we've only been using in custom garter designs. We are fired up to be able to get it out in our pre-designed collection for you. 

Speaking of tulle, we are featuring not one, but two different styles of embroidered tulle with the all-ivory in the Flower Girl and the sage and blush flowers of the Wild Child. Both styles are so elegantly boho, we can't get enough! 

Feminine and delicate is center aisle with the Wife Of The Party style, while bold and beautiful is center stage with the Golden Hour and Soul Mate designs, which features velvet by the way!

You know that dusty blue has our hearts here at The Garter Girl. We are happy to be including our signature dusty blue into this new collection as well. We have shades of light blue in a few of our other garter designs and now in this new collection, there are two different styles with dusty blue in the Something Dusty Blue and the Shimmer & Shine. One of these is all dusty blue and we are in love!  

OK, enough of the chitter chatter, we could really talk about this all day long! Oh wait, we already do that! Without further ado, here are the 8 new styles in our garter heirloom collection...

Wild Child Heirloom Wedding Garter

Wild Child Wedding Garter Heirloom Style


Black Lace & Velvet Wedding Garter Heirloom Style

Soul Mate Black Lace & Velvet Wedding Garter Heirloom


Something Dusty Blue Wedding Garter Heirloom


Golden Lace Luxury Wedding Garter Heirloom


Floral Tulle Wedding Garter Heirloom


Lace and Tulle Wedding Garter Heirloom

Lace and Tulle Wedding Garter Heirloom


Shimmer Lace and Blue Wedding Garter Heirloom


Pearl and Lace Wedding Garter Heirloom


Handmade Always & Forever

As with all of our garters, the new styles come with our signature hand-made service that brides have come to know and love. Each and every stitch is sewn by hand and every bow is tied just for you. We are crazy about our sewing construction and even crazier about our perfect bows! 

This is a wedding heirloom that you are going to love forever, you deserve the best! 

You can add our hand embroidery to your heirloom on the inside to further personalize it. (This is the perfect spot for your something blue btw!) Maybe you want to add your new initials or your wedding date, you can take care of that right on each garter listing in the shop.

Yours Is The Only Size

These new styles are pre-designed, however they aren't not pre-made. (BTW, if you want to change a color or two on your garter, we know someone! Just get in touch via email info@thegartergirl.com and we'll, of course, make it happen for you!)

We do not pre-make our garters to ensure that each one is made just for you in the size that you want that fits you perfectly. Having a garter that fits you just as you are is so important. It is everything!

The Garter Girl is committed to making sure that the only size we carry is yours!

Make It Yours, Limited Quantities

The only downside, if you want to even call it that, is that there are very limited quantiles of each garter style. On each product listing in our shop, you'll see the number left of each style. Once a style sells out, it is gone.

We've worked really hard to source you only the finest materials and sometime that means we can only get limited quantities of our laces and tulles. So, if you see a style that you love, be sure to make it yours before it is gone.

We do not want you to be upset or disappointed because a style sold out - that's not fun for anyone!


Just remember, that we are here for you anytime! If you have any questions or your need your garter heirloom ASAP because your wedding is coming up, please get in touch via email at info@thegartergirl.com.

We can't wait to connect with you and hand make you an amazing wedding garter heirloom for your wedding that we know you'll love forever! 

You can shop our new designer bridal garter collection online anytime!