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Modern Wedding Garter Photos

Modern Wedding Garter Photos

Over the past few months, I've made few different garters from my limited edition wedding garter collection. But, as I'm now going through all of the pictures there seems to be one wedding garter that I've apparently loved taking a pictures of! The dainty style garter in my limited collection features some of the most gorgeous vintage lace you'll ever find! So, each time I'd sew one of these garters, I'd have to take a little picture before it went out the door to a lovely bride. The result has been some really fun and super modern wedding garter pictures that I had to share! Even though the lace is vintage and the garter itself is so delicate and feminine, I loved seeing how it looks with really modern wedding details, like shoes and candy.

lace-wedding-garter-The-Garter-Girl lace-wedding-garter-The-Garter-Girl1 lace-wedding-garter-The-Garter-Girl2 lace-wedding-garter-The-Garter-Girl3 lace-wedding-garter-The-Garter-Girl4 lace-wedding-garter-The-Garter-Girl5

There you have it – a few fun and fantastic pictures of my dainty lace garter style from my limited edition collection of wedding garters. Which photo do you love the most? It is hard to choose, but I'd say my favorite is either the one last one with the Nerds or the first one with those amazing red soles!

☀️ Happy Summer ☀️