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Last Minute Wedding Garters Ready to Go!

Last Minute Wedding Garters Ready to Go!

Every year "wedding season" (aka April through October) rolls around and I'm never prepared! I'm so busy with the day-to-day of my business that I forget to look up and realize that spring has sprung! Then, I'm sewing like a mad woman for the last minute orders. You know I hate saying "no" to any bride! But, not this year! I planned ahead. I've been getting ready this winter and just added a bunch of new, stylish wedding garters into the clearance and sample sale sections of my Etsy page. These garters are stylish, on sale and most importantly, are ready to ship! So, if you find yourself in the "I forgot to order a garter and my wedding is this weekend" category, fear not! I have you covered! Check out my clearance and sample sale sections on Etsy, as these garters are chic and ready-to-go!


Above is one of my most favorite garters that I recently added to Etsy here and it is available for a huge discount! See, sometimes it pays to be last-minute!