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My Wedding Pictures

My Wedding Pictures

I'm an old married lady, I know. But, I've had a few people ask to see my personal wedding pictures, so I decided to take the plunge and just post them on my site. Like most wedding pictures, there were literally thousands to choose from, so I only picked a few shots of the details of our amazing day.

We were married in 2004 in Saint Michael's Maryland at the Inn at Perry Cabin. (Have you seen the movie Wedding Crashers?? It was filmed at the same spot about a month before our wedding.) It was a beautiful fall day full of lots of love, laughter, family and friends. Come to think of it, it really was an amazing all around weekend!

Where's my garter? Good question! It wasn't until after my wedding that I entered the garter making world.  Bummer for me, cause I could have really made myself a super stylish garter!

☀️ Happy Summer ☀️