Help! My Garter Is Too Loose!

Help! My Garter Is Too Loose!

Did you just try on your wedding garter and it is too loose? Is the bridal garter sliding down leg or it just plain doesn't fit you? Don't worry, I'm here to help! I'm back with another garter 101 blog series post for what to do when things go wrong with your bridal garter.


Photo Credit: Oak & Myrrh Photography

(Side note about this real garter image: This bride's something blue wedding garter fit like a glove! And her beautiful wedding was featured over on Style Me Pretty!)

Hopefully, this isn't your wedding day and you have some time to deal with the situation. If it is your wedding day, may this be the worst thing that happens on your big day. Drama will happen on your wedding day, that's for sure, and I hope that this is the mildest little bump in the road for you and your partner!

If your wedding garter is too loose and doesn't fit just right, here are few things that you can do to solve the problem:

Move It

Move the garter higher up your leg. For most brides, I recommend that they wear their garter just above their knee. But, if you've tried it on and it is too loose, the best thing to do is move the garter farther up your leg. The farther up you go, hopefully the wider your leg gets and the better it will fit.

Pin It

If all else fails, get a safety pin and pin the garter together. This isn't ideal, but if it is the day of your wedding and you don't have another option, look for a pin in your wedding day emergency kit. Use the safety pin on the inside of the garter in the back to pull the fabric and/or the elastic together.

Redesign It

If your wedding garter was custom made, then by all means, let the designer know that it doesn't fit. If you have any concerns at all, they garter designer should be able to accommodate those concerns for you. This is why it is critical for you to try your wedding garter – or any other wedding day accessories – on before you wedding day. You can solve little problems in advance of the wedding before they become big problems on the wedding day! In this case, measure around with a tape measure the area on your leg where you want to wear your garter. Give this number to your garter designer and they should be able to accommodate for you.

Skip It

It is sad and you really wanted to wear that bridal garter, but if it is too loose and you are worried about it falling down, just skip it. It is better to not wear the garter, than for you to be uncomfortable or worried about it all wedding day long. Or worse, you don't want the garter sliding off when you are walking down the aisle or dancing. Just take the garter off, don't wear it and put it your wedding memory box to be a keepsake!


That's my advice for what to do if your wedding garter is too big or too loose! What would you do?

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