Do I Have to Do the Garter Toss?

As a stylish wedding garter designer, this is the number one question that I get: If I wear a wedding garter, do I have to do the wedding garter toss?

The short and quick answer is: No, not at all. You don't have to do anything on your wedding day that you don't want to do. You can easily wear a wedding garter, skip the toss and save it as something special.

The wedding garter tradition is the oldest of wedding traditions, dating back to the Dark Ages. It has a great deal of history and meaning, so there is something sentimental about it. (For more on this, check out my wedding garter history post here.) Many brides today want to take part in this tradition. And, a wedding garter is something small that brides can easily save as a wedding day keepsake.

BUT, just because brides wear a wedding garter on their big day, doesn't mean that they have to do the wedding garter toss part of the tradition. A lot of couples, but certainly not all, are turned off by the wedding garter toss. (Trust me, many couples are still doing the toss AND having lots of fun with it!) Be it they don't want to break from the reception fun or show their legs in front of family and friends, whatever the reason many couples today are opting out of the wedding garter toss tradition. And, that's OK, they should do only what they want to do on their wedding day.

So, to all the brides out there, I'm here to ease your worries and tell you that wearing a wedding garter and tossing it do not go hand-in-hand. You can do one without the other. (Although, I do think it would be tough if you tried to toss a wedding garter with out actually wearing one in the first place…) If you want to wear a wedding garter, but you don't want to do the toss, go ahead! Wear your wedding garter and love it without fear! (But, if you want to do the toss…go for it and have FUN!)

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