How to Wear a Garter Under a Sheath Dress

How to Wear a Garter Under a Sheath Dress

There are all different types of wedding dresses silhouettes – short, long, ballroom, empire, a-line. When you are shopping for a wedding dress it seems like the dress styles are endless! Some wedding dresses are better than others to wear a wedding garter. Today, in my next post in my wedding garter 101 blog series, I'm giving you advice for how to wear your bridal garter under a sheath style wedding dress.


Photo Credit: Kenneth Winston dress via the Knot

If you are wearing a typical wedding dress with a big skirt, then your bridal garter will easily be hidden under all the tulle and fabric. But, if you are opting for a sheath type of wedding dress, then hiding your wedding garter can be tricky.

What Is A Sheath Wedding Dress

Sheath wedding dresses are form fitting, they don't have a waist and often are made of a single piece of fabric. There is little room for error under a sheath dress and because there isn't a full skirt on a sheath bridal gown, then there is a chance that your garter will show. Choosing the right bridal garter under a sheath wedding dress is important.

For more help finding a sheath wedding dress, by the way, I love this section on The Knot. They divide all of the wedding dresses out by silhouette. You can find all of the sheath wedding dresses right here on The Knot.

Simple Is Best

If you want to wear a wedding garter, but are also wearing a sheath-type wedding dress, opt for a simple wedding garter that doesn't have a lot of decoration that sticks out of the garter, like feathers or big bows. If your wedding dress is short, you might need to pull your garter up a bit higher, so it is important that your garter fits well and is comfortable in the spot you want to wear it. Be sure to try your wedding dress and your garter on together before your wedding day.

Pretty Garter

I love the pretty wedding garter style from my collection for under a sheath style wedding dress. Here is a picture of this simple garter…


Shop: Pretty Wedding Garter

I love this style of garter for under a sheath style wedding dress because it is so simple. It isn't too thick and wide and the bow on the front is small and dainty. The blue bow is not too bright either! If you wear this pretty wedding garter closer to your knee, it is unlikely that it will show through your sheath wedding dress.


If you have your heart set on a wedding garter, but it is visible under your wedding dress, consider wearing your garter below your knee if your dress is long enough. At the least move your garter down the lowest you can. The lower you go, the more change that your wedding dress will start to flair out so that you can walk. Below your knee isn't ideal or the typical garter placement, but no one will know! And, most importantly, no one will be able to see your garter under your dress.

And, here is one more sheath wedding dress because they are so pretty and I love how they fit the body, but also give the bride some room to move around. Dancing is important on the wedding day!


Photo Credit: Sincerity Bridal via The Knot

Dress First

Another thing to think about is to wait to purchase your wedding garter until after your purchase your wedding dress. If you wait to purchase your garter, you will know the type of wedding dress that you are wearing and thus will know what type of garter is possible. Sometimes you can't help it and you get your garter as a gift, but if you can, wait to purchase your garter until after you decide on a bridal gown style.

Lastly, always try your bridal garter – and all of your wedding day accessories – on before your wedding! You don't want to find out the morning of your wedding that something doesn't fit.



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