How to Have Pretty Garter Pictures Without the Toss

How to Have Pretty Garter Pictures Without the Toss

Many brides today are skipping the wedding garter toss but, they are still taking part in the wedding garter tradition. I did a garter advice post recently about how to have good wedding garter toss photos, so I wanted to follow it up and give some tips for the brides who aren't doing the garter toss. Because, let's face it – many brides today aren't going to garter toss. But, brides are still getting a garter for their wedding to save as a modern heirloom and maybe even pass down through their family. (But, that's a post for another day!)

Today, in my next installment of my wedding garter 101 advice blogs series, I'm talking about how to get those gorgeous images of your garter when you aren't doing the garter toss are your reception. Getting great pictures of all of your awesome wedding details is so important – after all, you love all those details so much, they are all so special and meaningful and you worked hard to coordinate it all.  (Am I right!?) Wedding pictures of your details and your wedding day accessories will help you to remember the time and effort you spent picking out each detail.


Photo Credit: Lindsey Mueller Photography

Here are some ideas for getting good pictures of your wedding garter even if you aren't doing the wedding garter toss…

Tip #1 Keep the Photographer In the Loop
Make sure your photographer knows that you have a wedding garter that you want pictures of. Some photographers even ask for a wedding detail and accessories list, so put your garter on the list. Add your wedding garter in with your invitations, veil, bridal shoes and every other accessory that you want remembered on your wedding day.

Tip #2 Keep It Together
Before your wedding, keep your wedding garter together with your jewelry, veil and other important accessories. There is less of a chance of forgetting when the time comes to take pictures, if all the items are grouped together. Make your wedding photographer's life easier!

Tip #3 Match It Up
The wedding garter and other accessories look great all paired together in a pictures, especially if they are all coordinated. Does your wedding garter go along with your theme or color palette? Make sure you have a ceremony program, wedding invitation or other coordinating item on hand when your photographer arrives.

This way the photographer won't have to look around for these items and they can easily take a few shots of all of your coordinating items. Also, if you are in a rush getting dressed or running late on you wedding morning, you can just give all of these items together to your photographer and let them get the photos while you slip your dress on.

This is where your wedding planning can really help you! Wedding planners usually have props and fun things in their emergency kit and they can really help you gather your wedding details and style them for a perfect image that you'll cherish forever.

Tip #4 Get Dressed First
Yes, your wedding garter is worn under your dress, but if you want pictures of you putting your garter on, then consider putting your dress on first. Your photographer will be able to get some good candid and super special moments and this way you will be decent and looking your best. I love the shot of a bride getting ready and putting on her shoes with her garter peeking out under the dress. So stylish!

Tip #5 Keep Friends In Mind
I've seen a few wedding photos of bridesmaids putting on wedding garters for their friend. This can be nice if say, for example, your friends/bridesmaids purchased the wedding garter for you. It does run the risk of being a little awkward, so make sure you friends/bridesmaids are on board.

Tip #6 Act Natural
If you want a few photographs of you actually putting your garter on, just act natural. Act like your wedding photographer isn't even there. Just get dressed as you normally would, put your bridal dress on and then put your garter on. Tour photographer will make sure to get the photos. And, you'll probably be nervous about so much more on your wedding day, that your garter will be last on your worry list!

Tip #7 Take It Slow
This really applies to anything on your wedding day. Go slow and take your time when putting on your garter. It is good for you to enjoy the moment and take it all in. And, it is good for the photographer to get as many photos as possible. If you take your time, this will give your photographer time to get set up and time to get a few different angles.

Tip #8 Let Go
Let your wedding photographer do his or her job. This is why you hired them for your special day. Whether you've given them a list of what you want photographed, or you've made it clear in another way, just let it go and let them get to work. You can't micro-manage every part of everything on your wedding, you'll miss your big day otherwise! So, trust that they will take the pictures that you want. Relax and enjoy!

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