How Handle The 2022 Wedding Boom

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It's no secret that weddings and events are on the rise in 2022. As we come out of the pandemic and lockdown, many news articles and wedding industry experts have predicted a huge surge in the number of couples getting married in 2022, as well as an increase in the size of weddings and events couples are hosting. Add an increase in the number of weddings and the size of the wedding guest count together, and you have yourself a wedding boom in 2022 and beyond. 

So, what is a couple who wants to get married or engaged in 2022  to do about a wedding boom. Will they be able to have the wedding of their dreams, or will planning a wedding be impossible? Should they even bother getting engaged?

You're in luck because in today's wedding planning advice post, I'm giving you the best, most amazing tip for how to handle the wedding boom. This is what every couple needs to know to navigate the wedding boom. You're welcome in advance!

wedding planning advice for how to handle the wedding boom in 2022

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Today, I'm giving you my best advice for how to handle the wedding boom and the surge in the number of weddings being planned in 2022. As well as how to handle the larger guest counts that many weddings will be facing, because, like it or not, larger guest counts also make things more complicated for couple's planning a wedding.

The advice for how to handle the wedding boom is simple and sweet:  Hire the best wedding professionals that you can.

You will need the most experienced wedding vendors that you can find to help you navigate planning a wedding in 2022 and beyond. You'll need a wedding planner, photographer, venue, caterer, florist and more with the connections and the network of other vendors to be able to make it all happen for you. It's just that simple: hire the best that you can.

Hire The Best You Can Find

When goods and services are competitive like the 2022 wedding season will be, an experienced wedding planner with excellent connections and a solid reputation in the industry, in your local area, will be able to not only navigate you through it, but they will be able to make it happen for you. They will be calm, professional and they will get it done.

If you're planning a wedding with a short planning time frame or a long planning time frame, you will need the most experienced seasoned wedding professionals that you can hire. Everyone from wedding planner to caterer will be able to get you through it, explain to you when things go wrong and fix any mistakes that happen. A less experienced, or very new wedding planner might do a good job for you, but it might be a lot harder for them. And, they might not have the connections to make it all happen.

Supply Chain & Staffing

For example, when it comes to wedding flowers, you will need a floral designer who has the connections and the network to get the flowers that you want for you wedding, as well as the staff to pull it all together and design and deliver you wedding flowers on the wedding day. There is a flower shortage all over the world right now and there are staffing shortages too. You'll need an experienced florist to be able to handle all of this for you. It won't be enough to just be good at being a floral designer in 2022, wedding florists need to be experienced business owners as well.

The wedding industry is no exception to the staffing shortages and supply chain delays that the United States is feeling right now and will continue to deal with for a long time to come, well into 2022 and beyond. You will need a seasoned wedding planner, caterer, floral designer and just about everyone on your wedding vendor team to make it all happen seamlessly for your wedding day. 

The same is true for catering. Food that cost a certain price in 2019 is not nearly what it will cost to put on your wedding menu in 2022. This is why it is so important for you to hire the most experience wedding professionals that you can. 

Expensive Doesn't Always Mean Best

I'm not saying that the most expensive is always the best. So, don't just assume that the most expensive wedding planner or florist or catering company that you find is the best money can buy.

That's not true at all.

Do you research and really make sure that you're hiring the best person or persons for the job. Expensive doesn't always mean better.


Ok, that's my best, most amazing tips for how couples can navigate and plan a wedding in a boom. It's possible. don't get discouraged, you can do it! Just hire the best wedding pros that you can, and they will make it all happen for you!

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Happy wedding boom planning!