How Make A Silk Flower Wedding Garter

How Make A Silk Flower Wedding Garter

If you love DIY, but can't sew, then stick with me today because I'm going to share some really easy instructions for how I made a gold glitter wedding garter with a beautiful silk flower. If you don't sew or can't sew, but still want to make a wedding garter for yourself or a bride that you know, then these garter making instructions are for you! This instructions are easy and the materials are easy to find. You can change out the elastic band and the silk flower to completely customize your wedding garter.

how to make wedding garter without sewing

How to make a no-sew wedding garter with a silk flower first appeared on one of the best wedding blogs, Wedding Chicks. And, to make things easier I'm going to share my favorite photos and a little bit of instruction. Also, don't forget to check out this other DIY wedding garter with a flower that I made. Both are no sewing required, you are welcome!

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bride holding flower wedding garter that she made

I hear from brides over and over again that they love DIY projects and the thought of making things for their wedding, but they don't sew. They can't sew, they don't 'want to sew, they don't have a sewing machine. That's certainly OK when it comes to you wedding garter, because I do! I will gladly hand make your wedding garter with my pretty little hands and my sewing machine!

All kidding aside, I do want to share the instructions for how to make a wedding garter with a silk flower without sewing it. To make this garter without a needle and thread, you will have to use something to hold it together. And that is glue. Yes, this wedding garter involves hot glue. If you do the glue right and only use a small amount, you'll never feel it on your garter or under your wedding dress.

Here are my easy instructions for how to make a wedding garter without sewing….

DIY Silk Flower Wedding Garter

flower wedding garter with gold glitter

materials for wedding garter

materials for making wedding garter


  • Stretchy elastic
  • Silk flower and other faux greenery
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  1. Heat up your glue gun.
  2. Take the elastic in your hands and stretch it around your leg around the area where you want to wear your wedding garter. Pull it snug so that it won't fall down under your wedding dress, but not too tight that it is uncomfortable on the wedding day..
  3. Cut the elastic, with just a little bit extra, about an inch, from the length that you want to wear it.
  4. Lay the elastic out on a table and flip it so that the wrong side of the elastic is facing you.
  5. On one end of the elastic, place a small dot of glue on the wrong side of the elastic on the very end, just about 1/4 of an inch from the end.
  6. Take the opposite end of the elastic that you didn't place the glue on and bring it over to the glue side and curl it around so that the right side of the elastic sticks to the glue dot, forming a circle with the elastic.
  7. This is area were the ends meet is now the back of the garter. Add extra glue if needed to fully secure.
  8. On the front of the garter on the right side of the elastic, which is the halfway point from the glued end, place a few glue dots.
  9. Layer your silk flowers in the glue starting with whatever you want in the background, such as leaves.
  10. Add more glue as needed to secure the flowers to the garter.

And, here are just a few pictures of how I made a wedding garter with a silk flower without sewing…

no sew wedding garter

directions for making wedding garter without sewing

how to make wedding garter without sewing

directions for how to make wedding garter

instructions for no sew wedding garter

how to make wedding garter

flower wedding garter with gold glitter band

bride in polka dot dress holding flower wedding garter

So, what do you think of this flower wedding garter? Super cute, right?

If you use these instructions to make your wedding garter, let me know! Leave comment or send me a picture to, I'd love to hear from you!

Remember, you can see this full feature and more pictures and silk flower wedding garter ideas and how to make a flower wedding garter over on Wedding Chicks.

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