Help! My Garter Doesn’t Fit

Help! My Garter Doesn’t Fit

Oh my goodness, you've found out that your wedding garter doest fit! Now, what? This can be really stressful! I get it! You are in the right place, I'm going give you some ideas and suggestions for what to do when your garter doesn't fit. I'm going to give you practical things that you can do right here and now and things that you can do in the future to avoid this problem. Hopefully, it isn't the morning of your wedding! But, if it is, that's OK, we are going to solve this garter fitting problem!

Next up in my wedding garter 101 advice blog series, I'm going to talk about what to do when your garter doesn't fit. In this blog series I go through any and all questions related to wedding garters – the sizing, the design, the fit, – you name it! So, if you have more questions, don't hesitate to look back, I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for when it comes to a garter.

Ok, back to the topic at hand! Let's find some solutions for that ill fitting bridal garter.

(Side note: Pasted below is a beautiful bridal garter that is fitting the bride properly. Her garter is just above her knee and not too tight, but not too loose and won't fall down. Also, making this garter even more of a good fit is that it is a corset tie, which means that it is adjustable and the bride was able to tie the bow just as she wanted it. This adjustable corset made the garter fit her exactly right!)


Photo Credit: Renee Hollingshead

Not All Garters Are Equal

First off, just know that not all wedding garters are created equal. There is not a standard wedding size and they all fit differently. It is really important that you try on your wedding garter before your wedding day. You don't want to find out too late that that your garter doesn't fit properly. There are things that you can do on the morning of your wedding to solve the garter crisis, however it is much easier to solve well before your wedding day! You have options the time that you have to solve problems!

What To Do!

So, what should you do if your garter doesn't fit? You have a few of options:

1.  If you purchased it from someone who hand creates garters, they should be able to make you a new one or adjust it to fit accordingly. Hopefully, there is enough time before your wedding to accomplish this adjustment.

2. If you can't get a garter made, you can try moving it on your leg. Move the garter up or down on your leg to find the right fit. Most garters are made of elastic, so moving it up or down will help to adjust the size. I generally recommend that you wear your garter just above your knee. This is just a suggestion. But, you need to move it to the right spot for you, so that you feel comfortable wearing it. If the garter is too tight, moving it down will give it more space since your leg is the skinniest at the bottom.

3. If you are really daring, you can try to adjust your garter yourself. This is great time to enlist the help of a crafty friend or family member. To do this, snip the back of the garter at the seam. Sew (either by hand or on a machine) a bit of elastic to either side. You will only need a little bit of elastic, about an inch or an inch and a half, because it stretches.  You don't want to make it too big! (I recommend using a 5/8 inch wide piece of elastic.) This might not look super pretty, but it will get the job done. If you don't have elastic, attach a piece of ribbon to either side by sewing it or hot gluing it to either side and then tie the ends together into a bow.  This will allow you to tie it on to any size.

4. Toss your garter! You can either skip the garter all together or try to find a replacement. This isn't ideal and hopefully it wasn't a custom designed garter. If it is too late (i.e. the night before your wedding), consider not wearing a garter or not wearing that particular garter. You could borrow one from a friend or family member, (A bonus something borrowed!) or have a friend or family member run out to a bridal shop or craft store and get you a new one.

Hope this helps! More questions about the wedding garter? Check out my wedding garter 101 blog series! You can also customize your own wedding garter right here.