Help! My Dress is Too Thin for a Bridal Garter

Help! My Dress is Too Thin for a Bridal Garter

A bride-to-be recently Tweeted a question about her bridal garter to me. If one bride is having this issue, surely other brides out there are having this same problem. I am back with another wedding garter advice post in my garter 101 blog series where I answer any and all questions related to a bridal garter. And, trust me, there are lots of questions!

Today, we are talking about bridal dress styles and what to do if you think your wedding dress is too thin for a bridal garter. Here is how the Twitter conversation went with this bride-to-be…

This is what she said:

My wedding gown is very thin and I think a garter would show through my wedding dress!! Any ideas as to how can I fix this problem if I want to wear a garter? Thanks!


This is great question! A thin or more sheer wedding dress can be for everyone, but could especially apply to those having destination wedding where the dresses tend to be more simple, or brides getting married in the summer where the bridal gown might be lighter.

This is what I responded with:

Get a wedding garter that is ivory or white and really simple. Wear it closer to your knee or even below your knee.


Here are two wedding dress that are fairly thin looking in the picture. Even if you think your wedding dress is so thin, there is a good chance that it is lining or has some sort of material so that your skin – and your garter – won't show through! Both of these wedding dresses are so, so pretty and wearing your garter down closer to your knee would be wise here.


Photo Credit: Mon Cherie via The Knot


Photo Credit: Lillian West via The Knot


Simple Garter Design

If you are concerned about your wedding garter showing through your wedding dress, then there are a few things that you can do. First, I'd recommend choosing a really simple wedding garter in plain colors. Ideally, a garter the color of your dress would work the best. The darker the color, the more it will show through your wedding dress.

Here are a few simple wedding garters that wouldn't show through on a simple, thinner wedding dress…


Chic wedding garter

Lovely-Wedding-Garter-The-Garter-Girl-4 copy

Lovely wedding garter style


Graceful garter style


In addition to color, also choose a wedding garter that is simple, or basic, in design. As a garter designer, I definitely design wedding garters with feathers and chains and pearls – all the fun accents! But, when you are wearing a thin wedding dress, this is not the time for over-the-top undergarments. Keep it simple for your garter and it won't show through your dress. When you have lots of accents and additions like bows and charms and feathers, they can show through and make your wedding dress rumpled or bumpy.

Last, I recommend wearing your garter as far down as you need to. If your bridal dress is a mermaid style, then most likely your wedding dress will be tightest around the thigh area, so move your garter down as far as you need to so that it won't show through the dress. You can move it below your knee, if you have to! Hopefully, your dress won't be too tight around the knees so that you can walk! The farther down your leg the better for your garter placement so that it won't show through your dress.

Hope this helps! For more wedding garter tips and advice, be sure to look through my garter 101 blog series.