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Heirloom Handkerchiefs For You

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Handmade and ready to love, we are so excited to announce that The Garter Girl is now offering wedding handkerchiefs for you. We know, we've been all handmade luxury wedding garters for a long, long time, but it is time for us to expand our offerings for you with two different wedding hanky styles both hand detailed by The Garter Girl. 

(Before we get into it, is it hankie or hanky or should we just call them wedding handkerchiefs?? We make them and we don't even know!)

Something Blue Wedding Handkerchief

There is no time for ugly crying at your wedding or for the mother of the bride to spoil her makeup when she watches her baby girl walk down the aisle! We are all about crying pretty at The Garter Girl. 

There are two styles of bridal handkerchiefs that we detail, each one more special than the next. Both styles feature a white cotton base of a hankie that we detail for you, making it a special heirloom that you'll have in your family for generations.

Your Family Lace Handkerchiefs

You know we love our family materials around here. Just like with my family material wedding garters, you can now have a handkerchief made with your family materials.

Family Heirloom Wedding Handkerchief

Shop Family Heirloom Wedding Handkerchiefs

The way it works is that you send me pieces of your mother's wedding dress or your grandmother's veil that you want me to use. (If you are scared to cut it, you know you can just send me the whole thing and I'll cut for you!) I will use your family lace to detail a wedding handkerchief for you. 

It's just that simple! Do you wish it was more complicated!?

Shop family material handkerchiefs right here.

Family Heirloom Wedding Handkerchief

Shop Family Heirloom Wedding Handkerchiefs

Happy Tears Handkerchiefs

If you don't have family heirloom materials, or lace just isn't your thing, we got you, girl!

The Garter Girl is also offering a Happy Tears wedding handkerchief which features our signature dusty blue bow logo hand embroidered in the corner.

Happy Tears Wedding Handkerchief

Happy Tears Something Blue Wedding Hanky

Yes, that's right! We've hand embroidered a something blue for the bride with The Garter Girl's bow logo. We love tying lots of bows around here, as you know, and we are just so excited to be able to share this hankie with you.

Our Happy Tears handkerchief is sure to be a cherished heirloom in your family for generations to come.

In addition to the bow, we've even had a few brides already ask us to embroider their wedding date and initials onto their hankie too! 

Shop the Happy Tears wedding handkerchief.

Happy Tears Wedding Handkerchief

Happy Tears Something Blue Wedding Hanky

Heirloom Handkerchiefs

You know we have gorgeous packaging too for our handkerchiefs, so you can save it as the wedding heirloom we know you want. As much as we don't like ugly crying your wedding, we also don't like ugly packaging. You are the bride, you deserve to feel amazing!

When you order one our heirloom handkerchiefs, you'll not only get free shipping in the U.S., but it will also arrive in a gorgeous petal-style envelop. Perfect for you to save and pass down through the generations in your family, just like the wedding heirloom from your day it was intended to be!


In addition to designer wedding garters, we are very proud to add wedding handkerchiefs to our collection of heirlooms. 

You can have a hanky made from your family materials, or shop our Happy Tears something blue handkerchief.

Happy wedding!

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