Hand Embroidered Bridal Garters

Hand Embroidered Bridal Garters

They say that it is what on the inside that counts! I truly believe this sentiment and when it comes to my custom wedding garters, it is so very true! I have had the honor to embroider the inside of many bridal heirlooms recently and I thought it would be fun to share a few pictures. It is neat to collect the embroidery images and have them all in once place. I love looking back over the images and remembering each bride!

On my wedding garter shopping page, when you check out with the wedding garter that you'd like to purchase, you can now add on the hand embroidery. When you place your garter with embroidery order, you just have to tell me the colors that you'd like and what you'd like to be embroidered. It is such a small space on the inside of a wedding garter, so it lends itself really well to small things like wedding dates and initials and even monograms.

I often get requests for very specific embroidered logos or long phrases on wedding garters, and unfortunately, that is not something I can accommodate. I don't do the embroidery on the garters with a machine, rather I do it by hand. Hand embroidery take a bit of time and it is very organic and free-form in nature. Plus the inside of a wedding garter is only a few inches, so it isn't a very big space to begin with!

When you are embroidering with a machine, they are actually using a computer to do the pattern and the needlework, so it can be much more detailed and precise.  If you want something really specific embroidered on your wedding garter, look for a designer that uses a machine to the embroidery or you can always look for an already sewn patch.

Without further ado, here is a collection of hand embroidered bridal garters that I recently made…

Aren't this personalized bridal garters so beautiful with the wedding dates, and even a few first dates embroidered on the inside?

What about your wedding garter heirloom? Will you have something embroidered on the inside? I'd love to hear from you!

For more, check out my custom wedding garter album, or don't forget that you can design your own garter here on my website.