Calligraphy Stamp

Calligraphy Stamp

I have terrible hand writing. If you have ever been on the receiving end of anything hand written by me, you know this to be true. This is why I don't hand write a little "thank you" note in each wedding garter order that I package. I used to write "thank you" and sign my name on the receipt, but my hand writing was so terrible that I thought it was actually offensive to my customers, so I stopped doing it. (I have a point, I promise!)

When I come across grade school teachers and hand calligraphers, I'm always so jealous. Their hand writing it so beautiful! This is how I feel about Michelle from Meant to be Calligraphy. Michelle lives in the Washington, DC area and she made a little wooden stamp for me using one of her hand calligraphy styles. I thought it would be fun to share it with you since it was a personal project for my other blog here.


The stamp says "the Smiths" and I can't wait to use it for notes and other personalized projects. I'm hoping that when I use it for a note cards the recipient will be so distracted by the beautiful stamping that they won't notice my atrocious hand writing!

You can see lots of pictures of the stamp over on my other blog right here. If you are in the market for a hand calligraphy stamp, be sure to check out Michelle's website or to purchase a stamp visit her Etsy shop.

The photos in this post are credited to Abby Jiu Photography.