How To Save Your Wedding Garter

How To Save Your Wedding Garter

You know that I hand make stylish wedding garters that are designed to be a family wedding heirloom that will last long after the wedding is over, right? I am talking about those beautiful wedding garters that are way too pretty to toss, the kind of family heirloom that brings a tear to you and your grandmother's eye, right?

Yes? Ok, great!

gold lace wedding garter with gold and silver bridal accessories and invitations

Since we are both talking about family heirloom wedding garters that are intended to be saved and protected long after the wedding, this might be a good time for me to give you some advice for how to save that wedding garter. (You want your wedding garter heirloom to be ready and available should you want to pass it onto another bride for her something borrowed too!)

Next up in my garter 101 wedding garter advice blog series, are a few pieces of advice for how to save your wedding garter after your wedding is over.

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Here are a few tips for saving your wedding garter….


Since you wore your garter, it might be a good idea to wash the garter before putting it away. This will remove any dirt or oils. If there are any stains on your garter, or it got dirty at your wedding, be sure to wash it before you put it away. You can spot clean any visible stains with water or a mild laundry spray. You can soak the whole garter in water and a very small amount of gentle soap as well. However you clean it, make sure you let the garter dry completely before putting it away.


If your garter came with a cotton bag or some sort of storage option, use that. When I hand make my wedding garters, I always include a white cotton bag with each garter purchase. The cotton will help to absorb any oils in the garter's material and will help to protect the garter over the years. If you don't have a garter bag, wrap your garter in a small piece of cotton material. You can also gently wrap the garter in tissue paper.


It is a good idea to store your heirloom wedding garter along with your other wedding keepsakes, like your invitations or jewelry. So, when a friend or family member asks to borrow something, you'll know exactly where it is!


Even though I design my wedding garters to last long after the wedding is over, there is a certain amount of aging of the garter that is inevitable. The elastic will fade over the years and the material, especially if it was ivory or lighter in color, may discolor. To slow down the fabric discoloration that happens over time, it is good to wash your garter after your wedding (See above!). Also, certain materials, like feathers and beads may not hold up over time. This is natural and unavoidable.

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