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Fun Wedding Garter Photos!

Fun Wedding Garter Photos!

I've been trying to take better photos of my wedding garters before I mail them off to brides. I always take photos of the custom wedding garters before I mail it off, so I'm talking about those styled photos that always look so fancy! There are only so many ways to style a wedding garter and set it up, so I've been looking for different angles and props that I have on-hand. The trouble is the light isn't always great for taking pretty photos, or I'm rushing to get it into the mail man's hands and I don't have time. But, every once in a while, I get some photos that just work out, which is rate because you know I'm not a photographer at all! Here goes…

luxurious-wedding-garters-The-Garter-Girl lace-garter-flowers-The-Garter-Girl ivory-bridal-garter-red-rose-The-Garter-Girl romantic-bridal-garters-lace-The-Garter-Girl modern-wedding-garters-The-Garter-Girl

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