One Bride’s Garter Descision

One Bride’s Garter Descision

i was surfing through wedding blogs not too long ago (my new favorite past time) and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  the headline of this real wedding blog post said, "you will NOT see this at my wedding."  i just knew it.  the garter toss was going to be on this list of the bride's wedding no no's.


Photo Credit: Michelle Lindsay Photography

i open up the bridal blog post and sure enough, on the wonderfully real wedding blog, for the love of weddings, the first item on the list of things that were not going to be at the bride's wedding was the wedding garter toss! so i kept reading (i'm a glutton for punishment) and it was a entire paragraph was about why she wasn't going to do the garter toss and how out-dated it was and how she didn't want to stop the fun of her wedding and make her guests sit through the garter toss. who could blame her, right??

i'm thinking, this is going to be the end of my stylish garter design business, brides today aren't into wedding garters, i just need to give it up….

BUT, i thankfully, i read to the end of her post about her wedding planning process.  the last sentence said "i will wear a bridal garter, but only for keepsake purposes."

phew! i'm saved! i e-mailed the bride blogger right away and offered to make her a wedding garter.

i think bride blogger sounds like a lot of brides today who don't want to do the garter toss (for whatever reason), but still want to take part in the tradition. they are love wedding traditions and are looking for modern wedding heirlooms and the bridal garter is the perfect choice!

there is something sweet and special about participating in the traditions of weddings, like wearing something borrowed or blue.  one of the best parts of planning your wedding is that you can do whatever you want to do. so, if you don't want to toss your garter, you don't have to. keep it as your modern heirloom and maybe pass your garter down through your family!

in the end, the bride got a beautiful garter that she wanted. and, i felt a little better about the purpose of my stylish wedding garter business. she isn't revealing her custom bridal garter choice and i won't tell either!

thank you to the bride blogger for letting me be just a small part in her special day!

wedding garters are modern heirlooms to have and to hold forever, view my entire wedding garter collection right here or find your own custom garter design in my gallery.