Real Garter: Kate

Real Garter: Kate

I have pictures from one of my custom wedding garter brides to share with you today! Oh I'm so excited to share these and when she sent over the pictures, I almost fell out of my chair they were so gorgeous! Kate sent me the pieces from her mother's and her grandmother's wedding dress and her bouquet wrap and a few other family pieces to use in a custom wedding garter. We were able to blend the heirloom pieces all together from the different generations to make her one gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous, custom bridal garter!

This custom garter had a little bit of lace, a little bit of tulle, some sparkle and a few pearls. For her tossing garter, I made it in a light blush satin to match her wedding. Her mom also sent me a few family heirloom pieces from their family that we were able to add onto her garter as well. This was one special wedding day memory and I hope that they loved it as much as I loved making it!

Here are the pictures from Dyanna LaMora and you can check out Kate's real family heirloom wedding garter set…

Photo Credit: Dyanna LaMora

Isn't she a stunning bride?! Thank you so much Kate and family for letting me make this beautiful family wedding garter for you! I hope that you'll love it and pass it on through your family, maybe even adding more special pieces to it through the years.

Here are the pictures of Kate's heirloom wedding garter that I took. They aren't nearly as amazing as her wedding day photos! But, you can see her garter and her blush tossing garter up closely and see all of the amazing detail in her mother's wedding dress and her grandmother's wedding dress pieces.

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