Real Garter: Kristin

Real Garter: Kristin

I'm so honored to share photos of Kristin's family heirloom custom wedding garter from her wedding day AND a real photo of her grandmother in her wedding dress from 1956! You know I love hand making wedding garters from heirloom materials like the mother's wedding dress or veil, but for Kristin she was able to share with me a piece of her grandmother's wedding dress. Her garter was so stunning and so meaningful!

I was so happy when she sent over the pictures from her wedding morning! I love her bridal style with her sparkle shoes and floral robe, mixed with her sense of tradition – it is very fitting of her wedding garter design too!! In addition to the lace from her grandmother's wedding dress, we added in a bright pop of deep, dark purple satin and finished it off with a luxurious corset tie in the back of the garter. The dark purple in her garter is so dramatic and moody, sort of like her wedding morning pictures!

Before we get into her wedding pictures, she also shared a picture of her grandmother in her wedding dress. Her grandmother was married in 1956. If you look closely at the picture, you can see that we used the floral lace from the top part of her dress.

grandmother wedding dress 1956

Isn't her grandmother the most gorgeous bride you've ever seen! When Kristin sent me the lace from the dress, she only send the lace. It wasn't until I saw this photo that I saw where the lace fit into the dress. So gorgeous!

Here are the photos that I took of Kristin's purple and heirloom lace garter before I sent it to her. That corset tie detail on a garter gets me every time – I just love it!

Also, I did this custom wedding garter sketch for her so that she could envision her custom garter before I made it for her. My photos aren't nearly as good as hers from Hilary Katzen.

Check out all of Kristin's wedding morning photos and her custom wedding garter too!

Photo Credit: Hilary Katzen

Thank you so much to the beautiful bride,  Kristin, for letting me be such a small part of something so amazing in your family and on your wedding day! I hope you love your garter forever and that you pass on through your family!

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